We have been skimping on our coverage of CM7 themes lately. We have trouble finding a great one that should be shared just as much as you have trouble finding one too use on your own. While there are hundreds of locations to search, we all too often find a similar look built into so many of them. With Ice Cream Sandwich themes being the most sought after, we thought a change-up might be a welcomed things. While searching through RootzWiki this afternoon, we found one from Prash. It might be a little old, as in back in October, but still a great looking theme for your use. And with his introduction to the theme being one of the best we have seen, we had to show you guys.

The quality of the current crop of themes available getting you down? Can’t find the right amount of awesomeness in a single theme? Do you have the sucky theme blues?

Yeah, well that’s just like, your opinion, man.

The theme is a collaboration of TheDude and Prash. Both names many of you should recognize without much explanation. As you can see in the screenshots below, it has a less invasive blue coloring to it. It is very mellow and relaxing while still offering you a wow look to your device.

You will be getting about 600 themed images themed out in the low impact theme. Since the theme hasn’t been updated since November though, you can expect your various Google Play additions to to remained unthemed though. Quite a lot of themes will have that issue for a little while. It is for HDPI devices only, so you will need a higher-end device to take part in the theme goodness. If you aren’t sure what the T-Mobile theme engine or CM7 is, then you shouldn’t attempt to download this.

For everyone else looking to get back to something else not so mainstream, hit the QR code below to pick this theme up via the Play Store.

Application: TheBluesAbide
Developer: Prash
Cost: FREE

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