One thing that was on my Christmas list this year was a case for my Samsung Galaxy S 2 that wouldn’t add too much bulk, look good and actually provide a decent level of protection. I’ve had my eye on the D3O cases for a while and was so glad to open one up Christmas day! When I put the D3O case on my list I had one stipulation, I wanted the Dual Impact version. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a spare $530 lying around (or even $160 to cover the deductible on my insurance). So the more protection the better. The Dual Impact case is only $5 more and gives you a hard polycarbonate layer on the back. Unfortunately the only color they had in stock when my wife went to buy it was white; I’m actually digging the storm-trooper look though.

So what makes the D3O cases better than a normal gel or hard case? D3O is a tactical polymer that has been made into a bunch of different armored products. Everything from Motocross to protective clothing for movie stuntmen. It provides an extremely slim flexible layer of protection. When it’s struck with force however the molecules align and absorb the impact across the polymer’s surface dissipating the impact.

The technology sounds amazing so I’ve been anxious to get my hands on one of these cases.

First Impression:

  • The case is extremely slim. I’m actually scared to test it because it’s so slim. However after a few accidental drops and one intentional one (from my brother-in-law: jerk) I’m confident that the case is doing it’s job.
  • The buttons are stiff. I don’t know what a better solution could be for this. I’m hopping they’ll break in after a while. It’s not terrible, just noticeable. Some guys over at XDA have suggested cutting slits along the button sides to help.
  • It’s easy to slip on and off. Not as easy as a standard gel case but easy enough. Fits really snug.


  • People on XDA have also been reporting that the cases are tearing along the volume keys. I don’t use my volume keys much (Audio Guru) so I’m hoping everything stays fine. From what I can tell they also just have the gel skin, not the Dual Impact version.
  • The opening for the audio jack is too small. I can get some headphones through pretty easily but can’t get a standard 1/8″ extension cord plugged in. (You know, the size of connector that would come standard with a “Creative Labs” speaker set or something.) I guess a small extension to get past the case would work, but that just seems retarded.  The hole should be bigger.

The protection to bulk ratio is so high I can overlook the audio jack issue. The case is just so slim. It doesn’t even feel different in my pocket. For these reasons I have to recommend it. Even the Trident cases in all their sexiness can’t compare to the lack of bulk this case adds.

You can purchase them online at or at any T-Mobile Corporate store.



4 Responses

  1. FILA

    first off, can you please place these pictures in a pop out style like the others guys, and second, you must be pretty clumsy if you dropped your phone ‘accidently’ a couple times in the course of ONE day. You should of got a big ass foam, waterproof box then.

  2. Diane

    Felt up a D30 case today in store; it was very slippery. Concerned it would slide out of my hand.


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