Remember how just a few days ago we posted about Black Ice, a heavily themed and customized ROM for the Galaxy Nexus? For those of you interested in more about the developer, read on. We got to spend some time with him and we’re glad to have been able to interview him!

I understand that you’re mainly a themer for a business called Stygian Studios. What inspired you to theme AOKP and release it as a ROM?

First off LOL. StyGian was something I created but as you can see not really recognized nor did it take off very well lol. Inspiration mainly came from the constant need to always update a theme for a rom update. I wanna still theme definitely. But I figured why separate the two anymore. I never built from source period before plus lacked the linux experience but dove in anyway. Also the major need for the inverted Contacts.apk the cm9 one with t9search needing to be built from source. Apktool just didn’t work with that apk so I really had to learn how to make it from the source. And AOKP was all open source plus my favorite rom at the time! So I figured out all the repo sync stuff thru lots of google searching plus other stuff. Once I had the contacts.apk I figured building all the other apk inverted that I wanted was cake. Soon after I just theme’d the entire source. Added in a few things I would have liked to see in AOKP originally. And the end Rom that came out of it. Wow I really liked it. So although not really considering myself a dev I posted it up and people liked it.

How long have you been in the theming business and how did you first get into it?

About 1 1/2 years now! First started with the Droid X there was alot of themes out already but none that quite matched exactly what I wanted. So alot of how to’s and google searching this and that I taught myself to do it. And in the process made a very nice minimalistic theme (StyGian Black Fade).

What other exclusive features to you plan to bring to Black Ice? Aside from AOKP features, I mean.

Ah good ?. What does a person add to a Rom that pretty much has everything and the kitchen sink already in it. Well at the moment I got tons of ideas but am limited to the fact I know little about java. Biggest thing I want to do is implement my new partners app (MasturModsSettings) into the settings menu and intergrate it more into the rom. This would allow us to make just about anything changeable in the entire Rom.

If someone exclusively offered you an iPhone 5 or whatever they’re calling the next iPhone to make you switch to iOS, would you do it?

Hmmm LOL no I own an ipod only cause it works great in my car from the headunit. But own nothing else apple. And really iOS might be great but its not capable of being mine or what I want it to be if that makes sense.

What part of AOKP is your favorite feature? The notification toggles? The weather in the notification bar?

I think its really hard to say one feature is my favorite. I think its an addition of all them put together just right the way I want them with so many choices to set your configuration exactly the way you want it to be. If I had to pick tho its the different wallpaper for lockscreen now tho. If not on Black ICE its coming in AOKP 24 LOL.

Are you a minimalist kind of guy, or do you like your themes to ‘pop’?

Well this is another good question! But I believe you can achieve minimalist well making it pop too. Its all in the stuble details and staying consistent when theme’n.

Aside from the Galaxy Nexus, what other Devices do you theme?

Currently working on Black ICE for the Xoom big wip. Themed for the Droid X and Thunderbolt. Also made a couple adw themes and CM7 themes.

Everyone loves to know a little about the dev, so what does your average day look like?

Usually working 8hrs a day constrution. Coming home and sitting down in front of the computer theme’n or playing BF3 all well balancing and paying attention to my two beautiful daughters. But right now (thanks winter) laid off so most the day is spent sitting on the computer learning as much as I can to get better at dev’n.

RootzWiki, or XDA?

Ah Rootz just always seemed like XDA has way to much drama!

Unicorns, or Android?

Android! Although my girls say unicorns.

Last but not least, what is your dream “dev” phone?

I believe I have it right now (Galaxy Nexus). Can’t see ever not owing a nexus device again! It would have to be very open and very well done. And I just don’t see alot of manufacturers doing all those things in one right now!

And if you want to check out more about Black Ice, check out the link here

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