Battery consumption is probably the main concern when purchasing a new device, but I would say another concern that has been big issue in the Android Community, is the speed your device performs. No one wants lag. And with each release of a new flagship, OEM’s try to put the best CPU’s under the hood to handle our everyday lives. But a powerful engine in a new phone isn’t always going to determine whether or not your phone runs smoothly. Many other factors come into to play and the makers of the DU Battery Saver (number 1 Android battery saving app) have made an app to boost your phone’s performance. In comes the DU Speed Booster app.

DU Speed Booster optimizes your Android device and is a master of cleaning out unwanted garbage slowing down your phone. Sounds like a simple cache cleaner, doesn’t it? Well, it is a little more than that. Not only does it clean out your phone and speed it up, Speed Booster also provides you with an antivirus security feature, app manager, broadband speed test, and works with the DU Battery Saver. Speed Booster also comes equipped with a floating widget that gives you the percentage your CPU is running and by clicking it will free up some of that RAM so your phone doesn’t feel gassy and bloated.

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When you first open the DU Speed Booster, you will see a pretty, futuristic looking UI that gives you the number your CPU is running and tells you whether you should boost it or not. When you click the circle, the device will clean the trash and shut off running apps you don’t need to get you back to 100 and excellent. You can also hit the Phone Boost button to get more details on what is currently running on your device. It will also give you the option to enable the SPEED+ENGINE, which will basically break it down a little more, and be more beneficial to you. It’ll show how much RAM you have free and how much percentage it can free the RAM to accelerate your device. The graphics and animations make aesthetically pleasing to the eye I must say. Love it when app developers take the extra time for our experience.

The Trash Cleaner will break down memory, cache, and apps, on how much memory they are swallowing up, while the App Manager makes it easy to uninstall those apps you don’t need anymore that might be drinking that memory. The Antivirus feature will scan through all your apps if you have some time for it to do so, which is a nice added bonus.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.27.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.28.08 PM

The Speed Test feature I had a little bit of a problem with. I love that they added the feature to the app, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly, or it can’t handle my Verizon FiOS. When running the speed test, it shows my network running noticeably lower then it does on a separate speed test app. Not a huge complaint. I didn’t download this app for the speed test.

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The Speed Booster widget is probably my favorite feature of the DU Speed Booster. It constantly updates on your memory number, and once you click it, a floating window appears and you can simply click BOOST for it to quickly free up some memory. There is also a toggle bar for WiFi or screen brightness, as well a section for your games. When you click a game icon, it will boost the game first, then open it. It’s really nice actually, and when moving the widget on your home screen, you get an entire screen that shows a spaceship that you can drag where ever you want, or you can drag it to the bottom of the screen and your memory will get freed up once again. Only this time you get a cute little animation that is fun.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.27.49 PM

So do you need DU Speed Booster? It’s nice, clean, easy to use and does help free up that RAM on your device, give it a shot. Check out my video review down below to see it all in action. Let us know if you picked it up, and how much you like it.


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