With the launch of Android L just few months away, far-sighted app developers makers are already updating their apps with Material Design. With over 10 million downloads, Equalizer is a well-known Android EQ app but it was in sheer want of a visible changes to its UI. What higher approach to put in than to go Material UI? Equalizer v4.0 is out in the Play Store with a fresh L-themed UI design. The developer has used, floating action buttons, extra colors, and flashy L-style animations. There are Holo sliders and menus, but as mentioned above, it works this way on non-L devices as well. There are surely still some Holo bits in Equalizer, but it’s a major improvement.
One glowing feature of Equalizer is its ability to smartly detect the type of music user is listening to, automatically tweaking the EQ preset all by itself, user need not touch a button. For example, if you are rocking out to metal, it will set itself on the Rock EQ. This feature is only available with selected music player apps, but no worries, as Google Play Music, Pandora, and almost all other major players are supported. The core features remain unchanged in this update but it still packs in a customizable 5-band EQ and 11 presets. Users can adjust the settings according to their style, but in order to add new custom presets, they need to buy a $1.99 pro key.

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