Keeping track of all your content in your phone can be daunting task. There are many apps out there that will act as a file explorer for you, and even certain phones will come equipped with one right out of the box. ES File Explorer has been around for awhile, but I have found it to be one of the best out there when sorting through my files.

If you think ES Explorer opens up with all your files sorted, let me enlighten. There are so many features to this app I almost don’t know where to begin. I’ll start with the Homepage. Right off the bat, ES Explorer shows how many files you have in images, music, movies, documents, and apps. It also shows how much space is being used on your SD card, and gives you the option to utilize tools and bookmarks. They have adopted that Material Design navigation where touching the top-left menu icon brings in new navigation menu from the left. This is where you can us ES File Explorer as a web browser just incase you don’t want to use a stock browser, or third-party browser.

The browser feature actually surprised me the most, because I really liked how they organized the use of Google within the menu and its browser. You can access, news, weather, and Facebook right from this menu. As you scroll down you can still access everything within your phone as well, and they went the extra mile to check features with your LAN connection. You can even customize your Explorer app with gestures and thumbnails if you feel so inclined.

The Customization doesn’t stop there. If you hit the Local tab, you can customize the look of all your files by changing the view setting. Sort by name or type, size of folders, grid of list style, many options when it comes to customizing this app. Us Androidians love to customize, so if you want a file explorer that is easy to customize, ES File Explorer is for you.

Go ahead and make your way into the Play Store and download ES File Explorer is you haven’t yet. Check out my video run-through below to see it all in action. Let us know if you ended up getting the app and how much you like it.


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