Google Play Music is a wonderful app/service to not only sync up to 50,000 of your own tracks, listen to stations and share music with friends, but it is also a great place to bolster your music collection. Since its launch Google has routinely pushed out various playlists, best of’s along with other freebies to add to your on going collection of tunes. I try to alert you guys of free tunes every time I see them pop up and today is no different. Right now you can pick up a classic record from a classic band, Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here. It might not be Dark Side of the Moon, but the album, like The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, have some amazingly powerful feelings locked in each track. What ever happened to musical talent like this?

To snag your free digital copy of whole album, hit the link below to bounce to the Play Store and have it handy.

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here in the Play Store

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