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I was wandering through G+ one day and came across this developer, Alex from Shamrock Studios.  After a couple of emails he sent over a couple apks that myself and another writer got to check out, play with, and set up a new UCCW venture on our devices.  I chose to check out two of them, they were similar, but very different.  These two masterpieces were the G-Plus Side Drawer and the G-Plus Glass Side Drawer.  As you can imagine, one of them is opaque and the other semi translucent.  I am a big fan of UCCW, and while I take my vacations from it here and there, it is always set up in the background, ready to slide it’s way back into the light.

Shamrock Studios has put together a treat for those looking for a Google style UCCW group of widgets, and I say group because this widget pack is comprised of 60, yes 60 different widgets for incredible customization.  It took some chatting with the developer, Alex, on and off to get it right, but when I finally figured it out (I could have read on the play store how to do it, I just blanked on that aspect) I was totally jazzed with it.  Now, one thing I love about the UCCW set up is, while there are always recommendations from the developer on how to set it up, you can set it up any way that works the way you like it.  I’ve got a few shots, screenies, and a shot from the Play Store (the way Alex envisioned it) so you can see how cool these themes are and where my imagination took me and my device.  Before you get to the goodies, here is what Alex has to say about the setup of the widget goodness,

This is a Google Plus Side Drawer inspired Skin with a glass based look!

This app contains 60 skins/cards:
All essential cards and more are included in this app.Note: All cards contain functioning hotspots or editable hotspots that bring you to the app indicated on the card. 
It may take up to an hour for the temperature to change to Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa and you will need to connected to the internet.Nexus 4 Setup
– For best effect use with launcher.
-Disable notification bar and dock.
– Set height and width margins to none!
– And set your grid size to 12*6
-These instruction are for the best result on a nexus 4 but it may vary for other devices.

HTC One Setup:
– For best effect use with launcher.
– Disable dock.
– Set height and width margins to none!
– Set your grid size to 12*8
– Enable notification bar

Galaxy S4 Setup
-For best effect use with launcher.
-Disable Dock
-Set height and with margins to none.
-Enable notification bar!
-Use 12*8 grid size.
-Add a UCCW widget and a list of skins will pop up.
-Select the skin of your choice and there you have it.

1. Add the Card/Widget of your choice.
2. Check Hotspots by clicking areas of card
3. If the hotspots are not to your liking open uccw
4. Click the menu button and turn “Lock Widgets/Hotspots” to “off”
5. The app will close itself immediately.
7. Click the widget you added in step 1.
8. uccw will open.
9. Click assign hotspot find the app shortcut and click it.
10. 10. Click the menu button again and hit Lock Widgets/Hotspors to ON.
11. This must be done for some cards as no hotspots are assigned.

G_Plus_Glass_Side_Drawer_12013-10-25 03.34.312013-10-25 03.40.15
So you can have an idea of the depth of the widgets offered in this pack, I’ve also taken a few shots of the laundry list for your viewing pleasure.

2013-10-25 03.40.452013-10-25 03.40.522013-10-25 03.40.55
2013-10-25 03.41.022013-10-25 03.41.11

So, how do you UCCW, for a while, I’m going to be enjoying some G-Plus Side Drawer action, I personally prefer the glass over the opaque option. I love to change the wallpaper up every day or so, this option allows me to enjoy the paper of the day, but hey, that’s just me. You know what, I think you should pick them both up that way, whatever you’re feeling that day you can acclimate your device to that type of feeling. That’s just how I see it, so what are you waiting for, pick your copy(s) up, don’t wait, do it now. It is the small price of these (less than a cup of Starbucks brewed coffee) that keeps the developers tirelessly working to bring more goodies like these to our beloved platform, Android. Without the work of these talented individuals, we’d be stuck with stuff like the iPeople out there, in a rut and bound to what the manufacturer says we should like. There is a reason there are so many different devices out there, no one set up fits everyone. So be your own individual and express your creativity with some G-Plus Draw action. You won’t be disappointed, I know I’m not.

I almost forgot, each and every card has a functioning hot spot with some having more than one.  If you have any questions, like I did, the developer is incredibly helpful and will lead you down the path to success, and quick.

Here is some quick click info to get you to the right place to pick your copy(s) up.

Application: G-Plus Glass Side Drawer
Developer: Shamrock Studios
Cost: $1.98

Application: G-Plus Side Drawer
Developer: Shamrock Studios
Cost: $1.98


One more thing, I know you probably haven’t clicked it yet, so do it, do it now, and enjoy the harmony you will find with your newly remodeled home screen.  While your on the Play Store, toss Shamrock Studios some well deserved positive feedback for all of their hard work.

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