Tomorrow is the day that kids all over get dressed up and knock on strangers doors asking for candy. It was a great time when I was a kid, and as a parent, it is almost as much fun. The tick or treat phenomenon goes beyond just getting candy from your neighbor now a days though as many businesses are starting to offer treats to bigger kids by way of sales. Developers are always looking for a way to increase profits and get their titles in the hands of users and Halloween is the perfect cover for zombie smashing, Vampire walking creepy crawler devs to cut some cost and get you on the hook. In the spirit of all hallows eve, there are a number of titles on sale on the Play Store to help give you a fright and get you in the mood for tomorrows festivities. Some might even be good while out with the kids trick or treating as they are fitness apps with a spooky twist.

Let everyone know if you see others in the comments.

Other games like Ski Safari 2 have been updated with spooky and frightful elements to them to get in the spirit. Google has also put together a list of frightful flicks that can be owned for under $10 like Trick R’ Treat for $6.99, the original Friday the 13th for $7.99 and the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho for $6.99. Check out all the titles through the Google Play Movies & TV promo page.

Have a safe and frightening Halloween!

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