Bring in the new year with a new Go Launcher EX Theme! Actually beyond the cheesy new year references this is a pretty slick theme. I really like it’s simple materialistic (dare I say ICS like) lines. But it’s definitely not yet another Ice Cream Sandwich theme. Beginning 2012 is different from most that I’ve seen and so far I’m really enjoying it.

Maybe it’s more Tron than ICS… but turn on the Cube (outside) transition and the theme takes on new life. The sphere transition effect could be another winner. I’m not sure I like the wallpaper though. I’m sticking with it for now but the line in the middle of the screen made my 4×2 Beautiful Widgets Super clock look funky so I switched to the 4×1 view. Make sure that you set the “Wallpaper mode” (under preferences->Screen Settings->Wallpaper mode) to “Vertical screen mode” to make sure that the default wallpaper shows correctly.

One thing I can’t stand is when half my icons are replaced while leaving another half stock. It just looks sloppy. Fortunately for this theme the stock icons (other than the Go Launcher icons for the dockbar) are wrapped in a nice turquoise frame. Creating the nice uniform look without having to have every single app have its own custom icon. This is a plus to most Go Launcher themes. So if you don’t have Go Launcher I highly recommend it.

Click or Scan the QR code below to got to the market and download Beginning 2012 Theme

Application: Beginning Theme
Cost: FREE

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