Trident Case has finally released the Aegis case for the T-Mobile Galaxy S 2! Woot! I’ve been waiting to get a case until one of the high end protective cases came out. Granted this isn’t a military grade case and you shouldn’t test it out by driving your car over it or anything but it’s nice to finally know there is a good case option for the T989!

I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet but I hope to be able to soon to give a full run down of what I like and dislike.

For those of you who don’t know the Aegis series of case from Trident feature:

  • Shock-absorbing silicone lining
  • Hardened polycarbonate plastic shell
  • Scratch-resistant screen protector
  • Silicone plugs over port openings

The thing that attracts me most to this case is the lack of bulk that it adds to the phone. Additionally there is a review (below, for the i9100) from youtube saying that the silicone doesn’t attract as much lint as others (Otterbox) do. My phone lives primarily in my pocket. Which is why silicone gel-skins don’t work for me. I like their protective attributes in that they absorb lots of shock but the pocket stickiness is something I can’t get over. The Aegis solves this with a polycorbonate hard case around the absorbent silicone. Thus keeping slick pocket grabs and insertions easy. (At least in theory)

They are also available in black, green, cyan, pink and red. I chose to feature the red in photos here cause I think it’s the best of the colors and I wanted you all to be able to easily see how the polycarbonate case fits over the silicone.

I really like the change to the colors that they made. On the i9100 version the silicone is black with colored polycarbonate. The T989 has a black hard case which I think adds quite a bit more style to the case since the color is more of an accent instead of the main event.

There is a rumor floating around that the Kraken case will also make it’s way to the T989 but there has been confusion around whether it will actually happen or not. (Just asked Trident on their Facebook page we’ll see what happens.) I would really love to see some Kraken love for my T989 especially since I like to use My Tracks to keep track of distance, elevation, average speed, max speed etc while on mountain bike rides (love). If I know that my phone is protected while in my saddle bag I can ride long and hard without worry.

Obviously I’m giddy to snatch one of these up, and with the “holiday2011” coupon code we should all be able to get one for 25% off! So head over to Trident’s shopping page and get yours today!

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