Ever since Google moved to the new Google+ format, the Android app has been going through a few growing pains and naturally Google has been listening to all our usually constructive feedback. All that feedback has now culminated in the Google+ 7.0 update which was announced a few days ago and should now be rolling out to all Android devices. Chief among the changes is changing the behaviour of the bar at the bottom of the UI – the bar that normally contains quick navigation to the notifications and communities will now hide itself when you are scrolling, thus giving us more screen space to display actual content. Here are the other updates and fixes that have been included in Google+ 7.0:

  • 69 bugs fixed
  • 14 accessibility issues addressed
  • Automatically hide the bottom tab bar when scrolling (note: not on Notifications screen yet)
  • The home stream now remembers your position when you return to it (after going to a different screen like Notifications)
  • Search now displays autocomplete suggestions as you type
  • If you have no Collections or Communities visible on your profile, we include a prompt for you to add one

Google+ 7.0Google+ power users are probably also going to like the fact that the Home tab will remember your last location, though there’s a case for saying each of the changes is quite a good one. As always with update rollouts, it can take some time to reach your device so don’t stress if you haven’t received it yet – just camp out the Play Store page until it does.

What do you think about the changes in Google+ 7.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Google+ via Android Police

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