Nexus 7 2013 Cases StandGoogle took to their Nexus G+ page today to announce a line of official Nexus 7 2013 cases, a hard case addition to join that admittedly boring sleeve case. Their newest offering features either faux leather in black or white/red, or a unique woven gray exterior with red or blue accents. The case interior is lined with micro suede, to protect that gorgeous display. The case has a two way stand, suitable for both typing and viewing.

No word on whether there is built in wake/sleep functionality, but given that the stock cases for the original Nexus 7 didn’t sport that feature, it seems unlikely.

Nexus 7 2013 Case TagThere are a few subtle and crafty Google-inspired touches to the cases, including an adorable fabric tag in the bottom left corner that sports that familiar red, blue, green, and yellow that we’re so fond of. The inside cover also has an embossed ‘Google’ stamp. The stitching gives the case a professional and sophisticated look.

The case will start shipping tomorrow at a somewhat steep price of $49.99. Considering you can get similar offerings, like the Poetic Slimline case, for only $13, it seems as if you’re really paying for all that fancy Google design. There are three options for shipping - Saver (5-10 days), Ground (3-5 days), and Two Day, which start at $3.99 and increase by $4.00 for each bump in speed. A link to purchase can be found below.

Are you planning to snatch up one of these decidedly-Google cases? Or is the $50 price tag just not worth it to you? Let us know below!

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Nexus 7 2013 Stock Hard Case | Play Store | $49.99 + tax

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  1. FILA

    These are real nice, to bad I dont have a N7. But then again, Im possibly holding out for that N5


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