Google Maps has been updating to version 9.16 for a few days now, but not everyone has seen it go live just yet. Yesterday Google made the update announcement on their blog outlining all the new features that they have baked into the latest update and boy are they awesome.

Everyone has been on their way someplace important, be it a meeting, an interview, a date or what have you. You get the navigation rolling on your phone and you are off. Along the way you discover you need gas, a quick coffee or something. Normally you have to search it out, stop your navigation to look for something close by and then restart it afterwards. The latest Google Maps update will make all of that a bit easier. Now you can locate Gas Stations, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, coffee shops or anything else you are in the need of along your route and simple add the detour to the mix. Plop in a gas station and Google Maps will reroute you to the destination all while keeping you on track to your final destination.

Google Maps 2Google Maps 3Google Maps
That will save you some time for sure, but it will also save you some distracted driving trying to locate something in the car. The update takes things a pinch further by showing gas prices at the gas stations letting you find the best price along the way too.

As always, you can sit around and patiently wait for the app to update naturally through the Play Store, or you can bounce over to APK Mirror and pick up the latest version for your device.

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