Not sure what is going on here, but we have come across some news that might be less than exciting for many developers and Google Nexus 4 owners across the planet. For some reason Google has removed the Factory Images and Binaries from their servers for the device. The Factory Image is the file one would flash to their device to take it back to stock after any number of mishaps. Developers love them for the simple fact that they can flash away and try new things and still go back to stock with ease.

There are a few possibilities as to why it was pulled. Could be to strip out anything related to LTE connectivity that might have been left over in the stock image. This would be prompted by the recent developer activity that got LTE working on AT&T in some locations. It could have also been because of a critical bug issue inside the factory image that caused issues.

We will keep an eye out int he usual location to see if an explanation is issued by anyone. Until then, if you have the original factory image, be sure to keep it some place safe.

Source: Google  via Softpedia

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