On October 4th at 5pm BST (12pm EST), Google is hosting their Pixel launch event. Google will be providing their usual live stream of the event. The live stream can be found below when it begins tomorrow at the event times mentioned above.

However, if you cannot or do not want to watch the live stream provided by Google, we will be providing a live blog of the event. If you visit the site tomorrow at the event time, you will see on our homepage the live blog post. Just click onto the post and you will see the live blog describing everything happening at the event. The live blog will automatically update while you are on the page. The live blog will be found here.

At the event, it is expected that Google will announce the new Pixel device, and possibly an upgrade to some of the other products such as Google Home.

We hope to see you on the live blog tomorrow, we have a feeling this event is going to be something special.

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