As an early adopter of the Google TV, we have seen it come a long way. Starting out as something fun to have, but not all that useful, to something my family and I live on. It has actually helped me save money because there was enough content to cancel my outlandish Dish Network account. While GTV has come a long way over time, it has been missing a lot of functionality. I remember when it was easy to get into YouTube and watch the free movies and even rent them easily if you wanted to. Then every changed. I personally hate the new YouTube look on my Logitech Review. But not all is lost.

Google TV just posted up some great new information about GTV that we know many of you will love to find out about. As you can see in the image above, the Play Store look will be uniform to how it looks on all our other devices. That alone is going to be awesome. What is going to be even better though is it will have access to Music and the Movie&TV section too. Bringing this whole idea of unifying our products and services to the next level. The basic concept is that you will be able to rent or buy a movie on your Google TV, stop it because you have to leave and then pick up where you left off on your phone, tablet or back on the Google TV.

The project that the new Play Store look and feel will be available to all current Google TV devices later this summer. We assume that means that the old Sony and Logitech boxes will be seeing an update. We sure hope so.

Source: Google TV

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