There is a segment of the mobile gaming community (“gaming” might be being a little generous) that enjoys its games with a touch of celebrity – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood immediately comes to mind. The latest game in this vein of gaming comes from Gordon Ramsay and Glu Mobile who have teamed up to presumably make mobile game about cooking and the hardships of cooking under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay - which frankly sounds terrifying, but whatever floats your boat.

Not much about the game has been detailed yet, but if we assume the game will unfold like many other celebrity games have, you’ll be an aspiring cook who starts at the bottom of the food chain before working your way up to the top. Without being too presumptuous, we’ll also put our money on the game being free-to-play with in-app purchases available to expedite the game’s experience. The game will undoubtedly be hugely popular when it release in Summer 2016 on Android and iOS – my only wish is that they include a game mode where screaming at your team of cooks is how you gain points (bonus points for profanities).

What do you think about Gordon Ramsay and Glu Mobile teaming up for a mobile game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Glu Mobile via TalkAndroid

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