Well Nexus One users, the accessories are beginning to roll out with all different types of cases, adapters, etc… for your device. Whether it is leather cases, hard cases, pre-cut custom fitted scratch resistant wraps that protect virtually the entire device.

I would like to give you a little sample of what was going on in my head trying to decide on a case to purchase for my Nexus One.

I work in metal fabrication and after paying $529 for a phone. I want the best protection I can get.  So I searched through the AndroidSPIN store.

Now granted, most of you do not need a durable case to withstand a beating,  But the AndroidSPIN store,  has a very large variety of every accessory currently out for the N1.

I chose the Case-Mate “Tough Case”.  It is a little more expensive than some of the others at $27.95 but it’s well worth it. It comes with 3 parts total when you receive the package. First, a silicon skin that fits nice and snug around the device as well as a durable, hard-plastic shell that fits perfectly around the back of your device with slots designated for the features located on the back of the N1. Its also comes with a screen protector that is pre-cut to fit the full screen of the N1.

I have had it for 5 days so far and I have to say, I love it.  It is a great purchase and hopefully you all can find a case from the AndroidSPIN store that fits your lifestyle. I’ve heard rumors of Otterbox supposedly making a case for the N1 but I don’t expect a release anytime soon.

Also, with this purchase I like my devices to look brand new after owning it for years so I bought the “Clear Armor”from Case-Mate which is a scratch-proof protective film and comes with 2 sets as well as application solution and easy to follow instructions on how to apply it.

The N1 is a really good investment and I would like to take care of it and ever N1 user should want to protect this valuable investment as well.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions regarding this whether your opinion is similar or completely different and I’ll respond to your comments or questions ASAP.

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