First, we’d like to thank Samsung for providing this device for a review period so that we are able to reach out to the community and let you guys know what we think of the device compared to other Android phones out on the market. So let’s get started.

Let’s start off by finding out what’s inside the box.  Open the box and you will find:

  • the handset
  • charger
  • usb cable
  • 2GB sd card
  • getting started guide, and a few other manuals.

See below.


As far as the outer casing of the phone, the Intercept is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It has a nice form factor and is very easy to hold. The outside is a gunmetal grey color with silver accents, and also includes some very nice sized navigation keys. All-in-all I would rate the overall design a 4/5.

Pictures below of the full phone.

Batter Life

Next we have the battery life. The Samsung Intercept is comparable to any other Android phone out on the market these days averaging about 10 hours with normal everyday use (i.e. internet browsing, texting, Gtalk, taking pictures, and etc.). I will note if you do any advance tasks such as GPS, constant FourSquare checkin’s and etc your battery will drain much quicker and will only last upward of 5 hours.


The LCD on the phone is a huge disappointment,  even for a low end device considering today’s technology. It offers a 3 inch screen only producing a 240 by 400 pixel resolution, which is even low for some of the even lower end Android phones.


Now we move on to our favorite do or die aspect of any Android device, the UI. For the most part the user interface is vanilla Android, however, there are a few customizations from Samsung. Some of the things you will notice from Samsung is the drop down task bar additions, the incoming/outgoing call screen, lock screen, and a few other small things I’m sure I have overlooked. All-in-all the UI is what is to be expected in Android. It comes with Android 2.1 a.k.a Eclair. I will note however the UI does seem a little laggy, I don’t know if it’s the enhancements from Samsung or if the vanilla android just lags more on this low end device.


Performance, performance, oh did I mention performance? In this particular area I was hugely disappointed.  My old T-Mobile G1 feels faster than this device and this phone is newly released. You will notice lag when switching screens, pulling up applications, answer and making calls, and the list goes on unfortunately. I originally thought the device just needed some time to get broke in, however, after playing with it a while and rebooting the phone it did not show any signs of improvement.


I think the keyboard is very nicely designed and spaced out, however it does take a bit of getting used to as it isn’t your standard layout. It feels very nice to the touch and feels as though it can handle quite a bit of extensive use. I would like to see more Android phones come out with a physical keyboard such as this one. Check out the keyboard below.


The network connection on the phone has a huge flaw as it’s constantly dropping the network connection and staying gone until the phone has been rebooted. You could argue that it is the service, however, I have a HTC EVO 4G as a daily driver and I get great reception all day long in the exact same place as the Samsung Intercept. You could also argue that it may be this specific device, however, my wife has one as well and it is producing the same issues with both network and performance.


This phone also has no notification L.E.D which is a huge downside for someone out there on the market looking for a new phone, because most of us like to have reminders that we have missed calls, texts, emails and etc. I am unsure as to why Samsung chose to not include the L.E.D, but I think this alone is a huge deal breaker for most people looking for a new device.


The camera on this phone is average. I would rate it a 3.5/5 considering the device. It sports  3.2 mega pixels.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts is although this is an Android device it is very low grade and could have been made much nicer with a few improvements. I know that from a certain standpoint on would argue that you can’t expect to have your cake and eat it to on a lower end device, however these days things such as L.E.D. notifications, smooth UI’s, decent camera, and reliable network connection is a must. We are in 2010, not in 1998.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this review and hope this can help you with your future device purchases. If you were to ask me if I would recommend this phone to anyone my answer would be no, even for a Android beginner. I feel this phone doesn’t give you a full Android experience.

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