Hello one and all, I’m back with another My MIUI Theme Edition for your enjoyment.  This week I am bringing a theme that is near and dear to my heart. It is one oh my favorite games in the Play Store and has found its way into a well done theme…So without further ado…Angry Birds Themed Out.

One thing I like about this theme is the pull down “MI Area”, it’s pretty cool, and well done.

Each of those guys up there is an icon that launches an app too, they’re not there just to look cool and provide simple entertaining bits of passing time.
Now for some more…

So, there is My MIUI, what’s yours look like?
Wanna try this theme out? You can download it >>>HERE<<< or click on any of the Logo at the top and be magically transported to a Angry Birds Themed MIUI experience. Come and enjoy it with me.

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