So this is a little overdue, however, I felt it is a very beneficial post due to this is how you will be able to install the Gingerbread Leak, as well as custom ROMS such as CM7, Bionix, EaglesBlood, and more in the future.

Rooting the G2x

So you want to root your G2x but aren’t sure how to do it? Well XDA Developer CLShortFuse has made it very easy for you.

The first thing you are going to want to do if you haven’t already is install the T-Mobile LG-G2x Drivers. This allows both ADB access, as well as access to be able to mount your SD card(s).
You can get those drivers from here: LG Drivers
Once you have the drivers installed, you will want to unplug your phone from USB so that you can enable USB Debugging. You can do this by opening the App Drawer>Settings>Applications>Development and tapping USB Debugging so that a Check Box gets put next to it.
Now you will want to download the latest version of SuperOneClick located here:
Go ahead and extract the contents of this archive into a location of your choosing.

Now you are ready to root your phone using SuperOneClick.
First plug in the phone to the USB cable, then go ahead and browse to the location that you extracted the archive to. You will see an Application Icon labeled SuperOneClick.exe and double-click on it.
You will most likely be prompted to Run or Cancel depending on how you have your Windows settings setup. You will want to select Run.
You will then see an interface that looks like the image below

All you have to do from here is click the Root button.
Once the root has completed, you will be prompted with the option to test the root, or close. This is up to you to choose, either one is fine.
Now to complete the root, and to prevent any lag from temp files that the root process needed, it is always best to reboot your phone.
Congratulations, you are now rooted. Once your phone has completed rebooting, you should see the Super User application within your App Drawer.

Installing ClockworkModRecovery Part 1: APX Driver Setup

This part is a little more tricky. Due to the complexity of Tegra2, the “FakeFlash” method of ClockworkModRecovery which is flashed through Rom Manager and puts a on your internal SD, works, however, if you were to mess anything up during a flash, you would not be able to get into recovery to recover the phone.

This is where NVFlash comes in. What this does is actually overwrites the stock recovery image on the phone. This is the safer way to go, due to you will still be able to get into recovery if your phone were to boot-loop due to a bad flash.
XDA Member TGA_Gunman, has made this easy for you with a 1 Click Recovery application, which will flash the latest CWM for the G2x.
First you will want to download his One Click Recovery archive which has both the APX Driver which is needed for the PC to recognize the phone in Recovery Flashing mode, and it has the files needed to flash ClockworkMod.
Go ahead and extract the contents of this archive to a location of your choosing.
Next, browse to the location, and we are going to want to install the APX drivers. This is the toughest part of the process, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry, nothing we are doing at this point will cause your device to fail.
Go ahead and turn off your device, and take the back cover off, and take the battery out, and unplug the USB from the phone.

Hold Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time keeping them held down.
Plug in the USB cable to your phone. (Keep the buttons held until Windows detects a new APX device.)
Open Device Manager in Windows and you should see “APX Device” listed with an error icon.
Right click on the APX device.
Select ‘Update driver software’.
Select ‘Browse my computer…’.
Select ‘Let me pick…’.
Select ‘Have disk’.
Browse to directory you extracted the *driver* software to: One-Click-G2x-recovery-flasher-05-24\APX.
Accept any warnings, including the big red alert (you may need to disable UAC).
Now in Device Manager under ‘USB Controllers’ you should have a ‘NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for mobile devices’.
If not, uninstall the driver, reboot, rinse and repeat.

Now that you have the APX Drivers set up, we will be able to begin the next part 2.

Installing ClockworkModRecovery Part 2: NVFlashing ClockworkModRecovery

Remove the battery.
Goto NvFlash directory and Double Click “OneClickRecoveryFlasher.exe”.
Make sure the USB cable is unplugged from your phone.
Hold Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time keeping them held down. (Keep them held until you see the “S/W Upgrade” screen on your phone after you complete step 7!).
Plug in the USB cable to your phone.
Click the “Flash ClockworkMod ExternalSD Support” or “Flash ClockworkMod InternalSD Support” button depending on what SD Card you want recovery to use while flashing roms and performing nandroids. This is CWM version If you use CM7 or Faux’s AOSP I would suggest to flash the external supported recovery.
You should see it send a bunch of files to the device and the phone screen should say “S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…”. Once the files are sent and the program is finished running in the command window, you can just pull the USB cord while it still says “S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…”.
Put the battery back in and you can now boot into Recovery. (see below..)

Booting into ClockworkModRecovery

Power off your phone.
Hold Vol Down + Power.
Keep holding them, as soon as you see “ANDROID” in Green with the new boot logo let go of the buttons.

And that is it, you have now rooted, and installed ClockworkModRecovery onto your T-Mobile G2x.

Sources: 1ClickRecovery on XDA, 1ClickRoot on XDA

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  1. RobT

    Guides like this really help! I’m looking for one pretty much spot on to this, but for the nexus S. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Jeffro64

    You can actually skip the rooting process and just flash CWM recovery first because of the way it is done. This does two things for you…

    It will allow you to make a nandroid backup of your stock untouched rom, and it saves you the rooting process because after installing CWM all you need to do is flash a rooted custom rom and you have root.

    Just a FYI. 🙂

    • RobT

      So i would just have to install CWM and then let it do it’s thing. Once that is done, install CM or whichever ROM I’m in to?

      • Jeffro64

        Yup… That’s how I did it and I have a true stock backup. One with apps and one after a wipe/factory reset.

      • ChrisRC

        It’s been quite awhile since I’ve rooted a phone (haven’t since my G1 actually). How do you make the nandroid backup?

      • Jeffro64

        After flashing Clockwork Mod Recovery, boot into recovery and go into backup/restore and hit backup.

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