Graphology, How To Learn About People…Without Asking Questions

Ever wonder what your handwriting says about you?  There are some people that can look at your writing and give you a picture of who you are, how you’re feeling, what your mood is, and what your tendencies are.  Kinda cool and scary at the same time.  I know that large samples of handwriting are tough to come by in this digital age, but see if you have any samples from over the years and look at the subtle changes in your writing.  Those higher than normal dots on the i’s, the extended spaces between words, the slant of the letters, inclination or declination of the sentences, margins, and your signature all tell a lot about who you are/were and how you are/were feeling.

I was staring at my bookshelf one day looking at the 6 graphology books on the shelf while holding my Gnex and thinking, “I bet there’s an app related to this stuff,” and sure enough, there were several.  I caught this one on sale one day, I was stoked, so needless to say, I bought it.  Lol.  I started to fool around with it and man, this thing gets as deep and intricate as some of the books I have.  I was quite impressed to say the least.  I quickly broke out several writing samples I had from the previous years and noticed right off they were significantly different, my how I and my hand writing had changed.  After a few minutes of running through the easy to navigate interface, answering a few detailed (now obvious) questions the analysis I procured was right on the money.  Trippy and reassuring all at the same time, and thinking back to when the samples were written, I was going through a few different things, finding myself and damned if it all wasn’t prevalent in my writing.  

I know the cost seems high, I managed to pick it up on sale many moons ago, but half of the proceeds go to benefit the families of fallen troops who gave their lives to help ensure our way of life.  This special is being run on all of the apps by Haws Interactive on the play store.  Good people, intriguing app, great experience, I am totally happy with the app and my purchase, I think you will feel the same.  So…go get it and see what your writing says about you, your friends, and the person that just submitted a resume to you looking for a job, you’d be surprised what is hiding in your writing.

Application: Handwriting Analyzer
Developer: Haws Interactive
Cost: $12.49 (50% of app sales are donated to charity to help fallen troops’ families)

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