iBolt xProDock Docking System Review

The iBolt xProDock Connect is the latest universal docking station with NFC support from iBolt to securely position your phone in an easy to view position while driving. The differentiator the iBolt xProDock Connect has over its competition is the application they have developed to make your experience safer and easier to use.

The overall design of the iBolt xProDock mounting system is well thought out and offers a lot of features.  The bottom two arms holding your phone are adjustable in every direction and slightly hooked to ensure your phone is never going to fall out.  Even with the largest of cases on your phone this dock is still going to adjust to accommodate the size.  I’m still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it fit easily into the dock.  Even with my largest case, I had no issues at all.

If you want to find out more about the iBolt xProDock, head over to TheSavvyTechs to read the full review.

TheSavvyTechs Full Review

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