Charges Any Mobile Device, Including Laptop Computers


Industry’s largest selection of universal backup batteries ranging from 1,800mAh to 15,000mAh of extra juice now available


On the never ending quest for portable power,  and the ever increasing thirst our new toys need to stay charged, This Power House mobile power supply was brought to our attention.



The Extreme 15000 , flagship model with 15,000mAh, comes with a micro USB and Apple cable, 8 different connectors for true universal compatibility and a variety of built-in safety components, including overcharge and short circuit protection.  It weighs less than a pound and features an automatic voltage selector, can be charged using the laptop computer’s charger and delivers up to 19V of power.


iWALKUSA 15000 Specifications:


Color: Black / White

Size: 180 x 84 x 23.5mm

Weight: 430g

Capacity: 15600mAh(3.7V)

DC-IN: 16V / 1.0A

DC-OUT: 5V : 1A / 12V, 16V, 19V : 2.5A


iWALK’s Extreme series eliminates battery worries for even the most demanding users under the most strenuous circumstances, including prolonged power outages, hurricanes, extended camping or hiking trips and more.

“The Extreme Series provides reliable backup power for all users in all situations, even during extreme times of needs,” said Harris Bernstein, vice president of sales and marketing for iWALK.  “The Extreme Series, particularly the Extreme 15000, guaranteed me and by neighbors peace of mind during Hurricane Sandy.”



Although  I have not been able to actually obtain one of these babies, there is no doubt in my mind its not every bit the Juggernaut the unit claims to be.

Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing series.

Extreme 8200 Duo








[box_dark]Product Features:

1. Unique, Luxurious Design

2. 8200mAh Capacity

3. Compatible With Netbooks, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPod, iPad,
Smart Phones, GPS Systems, Digital Cameras and more…

4. Prominent compatibility for laptop computers

5. Battery meter shows remaining battery capacity

6. Safe charge, temperature, and short circuit protection

7. Charge with your laptop or iPad charger

8. Front color LED shows current charge status

9. Instantly add hours of battery life to your devices while
on the go

10. When on travel or in meeting, easily extend the battery
life of your laptop computer


Size130 x 75 x 18mm
DC-IN9V / 1A
DC-OUT5V / 2.1A : 12V / 2A





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