Jabra is a brand name that is well-known and loved by many. Their Bluetooth headsets tend to be the best in the business in fit, battery life, functionality and sound. Today Jabra has announced a new device for those who need a Bluetooth experience on the go without breaking the bank to make it happen with the Jabra Eclipse.

The Eclipse brings all that is Jabra to a device that is small and compact weighing just 5.5 grams and carrying a battery that will last you 10 hours of talk time and standby of 3 days. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of 30 meters, 98 feet. The Eclipse also features NFC pairing to make connecting it to your device as easily as possible.

Jabra Eclipse

The headset features a buttonless touch control to answer and disconnect from calls with a simple touch near your ear. The speech is handled by Jabras 2 Omnidirectional microphones which have always seemed to provide exceptional voice clarity in the past.

What interests me the most is how Jabra handles charging on a lot of their Bluetooth headsets. The Eclipse comes with a travel carrying case that also charges the headset. It connects via magnets and will give you roughly 7 hours of recharge to the Eclipse.

The new Jabra Eclipse headsets are available in black or white and can be picked up at Best Buy, T-Mobile or through Jabra directly for $129.99.

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