Microsoft has been doing a pretty spectacular job recently of getting its tendrils into the Android (and iOS) world, whether it be via first-party developed apps or purchasing well-established companies to compliment its existing capabilities. In the latest example of this, Microsoft buys SwiftKey in an acquisition that allegedly saw $250 million change hands, though there’s been no official confirmation on the amount involved. Regardless of the financial details, Microsoft gets one of the most popular keyboard apps on Android and iOS and suggests it will “integrate SwiftKey technology with our Guinness World Record Word Flow technology for Windows,” though exactly how they’re going to do that is to be determined.

Across the pond at SwiftKey, the founders wrote an impassioned post that thanked its workers for getting them to where they are now, and that they would continue to be supporting their Android and iOS apps going forward. We’re guessing for the foreseeable future that nothing will change with either company, though expect this to change in the long term as Microsoft starts influencing SwiftKey’s development direction.

What do you think about Microsoft buying SwiftKey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft Blog, SwiftKey Blog via Android Police

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