I hate alarms – not because I hate waking up; I just think they’re too easy to turn off. Snooze and turning off your alarm is always one swipe away, and while some apps try a few different things to make you get out of bed, Mimicker Alarm puts its own unique take on it. A Microsoft Garage Project, Mimicker Alarm presents the user three challenges to complete before the alarm is switched off – fail to complete any of the challenges because you have fallen asleep or are too sleepy to do so, and the alarm will start again.

You still get the option to dismiss and snooze, but turning off the alarm always requires the challenges to be completed. Challenges range from making a particular facial expression, say tricky phrases to finding an object of a particular colour. As you can probably see, these aren’t the kind of challenges you will be able to attempt until you are at least somewhat lucid, so the alarm will most probably end up being your worst enemy – as it should be. If that sounds painfully useful, you can download the Mimicker Alarm from the Play Store link below:

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Source: Microsoft via engadget

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