In my ever-quest for finding gadgets and new toys to tinker with, I found this and began to salivate from the mouth big time and had to share this with all of you. Well, the guys at customGadz have created a 7″ touchscreen car dock called MimicsX2. This allows you to connect your Android 2.2+ and mirror it right on their 7″ touchscreen and give you ALL and by all I mean ALL of your device’s functions. It also supports iPhones, so when your not so tech savvy non-Android friends get in the car, they can enjoy this as well.

This bad boy is still in Pre-Order status and will run you AU$419.95.

Stats (from the site)


Scosche – Find you car under “Select Your Vehicle” or

Metra – Find you car under “Vehicle Fit Guide”

Our open frame touchscreen/monitor will then need to be fitted to above selected dash kit for your vehicle. Our monitor doesn’t simply “clip” in so you will need to secure it in place.

Please note, this setup will require an additional amplifier connected to RCA audio outputs.

Kit includes:

  • 7″ monitor with touchscreen
  • L/R Channel RCA audio connection (Line level extracted from Digital HDMI connection)
  • MimicsX2 module
  • Universal or Type “A” sender (Select)
  • MimicsX2 cable harness for power, etc

Touchscreen monitor features:

  • Size: 7″
  • Touchscreen: 4-wire integrated (Anti-glare)
  • Screen type: TMR
  • Active Area (mm): 152.40 x 91.40
  • Outline dimension(mm): 163.20 x 104.00
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Backlight: LED
  • Brightness(cd/m²): 300
  • Contrast Ratio: 400:1
  • Composite input: 2 inputs (reverse camera A/V)
  • HDMI input: 1 Input for smartphone connection. Some devices require additional MHL cable
  • Trigger wires: 1 x reverse (back-up) camera, 1 x screen dimmer (Illumination)



All Motorola DROID with HDMI outputs

Samsung Galaxy S2/S3

Galaxy Nexus


Galaxy NOTE

Atrix (Use Photon ROM)



APPLE (Jailbreak Required)

iPOD 2,3,4




(up to iOS5.1.1 is supported)

The Down Side

With all good things there is never a perfect thing. In this case, when replacing your car stereo with a touchscreen car dock, you lose something big that I enjoy, THE RADIO. Yes, there are things like Pandora and the FM radio. They are great alternatives to that, but what about those times you’re not in a not so great service area? Also, like most car owners today, chances are you have a CD car stereo. Replacing that with the touchscreen denies you the ability to pull a CD out or pop a new one in.


The Touch screen from customGadz is still, without personally owning, an amazing device that I would want. With a price of $419.95, it’s not bad at all. Most touchscreen stereos will run you into the $600-$800 range. Professional installation is advised for this to work correctly. Also, if you have any questions about this feel free to email them as they are very friendly and helpful. Let them know AndroidSPIN sent you.

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  1. Bill Surowiecki

    Oh boy… I have been looking into doing this in my BMW for some time. I already have a 7in bezel replacement that is a one for one clone of the existing bezel in my cars dated center display.

    A little food for though on your negatives. Go eat more food, ie do a bit more research.
    Just because you are moving the single or double din radio in your car and replacing it with this screen does not mean that you need to eliminate that component entirely. If its a factory radio then yes you will need to trash it, but you can always get an aftermarket unit. You can install it in your glovebox, if thats handy. Better still you can get an aftermarket single din unit that has a removable faceplate. Install the radio somewhere out of sight, fabricate a cable that can connect the removable face to the hidden radio and then mount the face alone somewhere easy to get to.

    In my BMW E46, this can be accomplished by removing the ashtray at the bottom of the center console, it just happens to be the same height as a single din faceplate. In fact it fits well enough that the door that hides the ashtray can still function and hide the radio faceplate. The fabricated cable runs from the ashtray mounted faceplate back into the trunk, where BMW houses the Radio Headunit.

    • PacoMan

      Some cars can handle 2 units but that being said its not always safe to install more than one. Take into consideration Pontiac cars they require a not so recommended modification to power up an aftermarket stereo now getting two to run may not be a good ideal. So like i stated to are reads if you have no clue what your doing its recommended…Seek professional help to install

      That being said Bill thanks for the information and let us know how your install goes if you do. I know me and others would love to see the final product.

      • Bill Surowiecki

        But this is not two radios. This is a display with and audio out. You are going to need to tap this into power somewhere. This is either going to require the addition of an Amp to get sound to your speakers, or doing what I said above.
        Either way this going to require some reworking of the power in your car.

        Fuck seeking a professional… Seek a geek. :ºP

  2. FILA

    nice! but I think Id rather wait (remind you I been waiting a long time) for a real radio solution that runs android. This is cool thou


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