I know I am far from a MIUI expert. I never claimed to be and never will. I find new themes, mods and even new settings I never noticed before. Heck, I just learned that you can a screen shot on MIUI by holding down the menu key and the volume down button. So when I just came across a theme for the 4X4 picture frame widget I was like “What?!?!” Since we do our fair share of trying to bring you themes and other things to make your device just a little more unique, we thought we should share what I only recently discovered.

Those of you heavy into themeing from MIUI to CM7 and even mClock mods, know the name kgill7. His work has made it on our site numerous times for various different reasons. Now he is here again with a simple mod to change how the picture frame widget on your home screen appears. It is very simple and elegant. The photo he used in the image isn’t to shabby either. Take a look –

Pretty slick-looking right? The addition of that little black ribbon adds a little personal touch to it. While we are at it, we searched out a few others for you guys to see. We found the next two over at sourcherrydesign. Thy give you the look of a photo taped up to your wall. Again, just something different and unique. This Picture frame can be picked up in the 2X4 format or 4X4, which ever you like best.

You can find the download links below to all three of these photo frame files. Once you have them download move the zip file to MIUI/gadget/photo_frame. Pretty simple and gives you something new for your home screen.

Download – Kgill7 Mmmhmm Ribbon Frame

Download – Sourcherrydesign 2X4 

Download – Sourcherrydesign 4X4

If you don’t have the folders mentioned to place the file in, that is OK. Just create them. They only get created if you add frames to your home screen and download other frames from MIUI. You might need to reboot your device once after adding theme to make them available.




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  1. Manuel Zaß


    can you share Sourcherrydesign on another hoster? megaupload is down..


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