Being an Android user we want total control over the look and feel of your device at all times. That is why many of us turn to MIUI. With so many locations to find themes for the MIUI ROM it is sometimes hard to find ones that are great or worth checking out. That is why we try to search the web in search of ones that might make your head turn, or at least warrant a quick download and test.

A more recent them to land on the web comes from XDA member sunnylovesalman. He is offering up a theme that looks pretty nice in my opinion. Stating never before seen graphics, completely themed task bar panel, new animations for Enquiry screen and Dialer, along with a fresh new icon set. It does look pretty slick indeed.

To pick up this MIUI theme you will need to direct yourself to sounnylovesalman’s XDA thread for the download link. That will make sure you are getting the most up to date version available. Once downloaded move the file to your MIUI/Theme folder on your device. Open up the Theme application on your device and located the newly available theme and apply it, it is labeled as PhoneV1.51 in your theme app. Alternatively you can also open the Theme app and then select customize to pick parts of the device you may wish to theme individually.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, let us know in the comments if you want us to keep bringing themes your direct.

via XDA

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