I finally took the plunge and moved from MIUI to ICS a few weeks ago. I miss it, but not enough to go back. As a fellow MIUI lover, I am impatiently waiting for MIUI 4.0 to get all the kinks worked out and become the new ‘thing.’ Granted, many say it is nothing like ICS and they changed so much you may as well stay on what works. That doesn’t stop me from lusting for it though. To help the rest of you that are dreaming about MIUI 4.0, we located an icon pack that you may wish to take advantage of. They aren’t crazy over the top icons, they are the just the default icons the MIUI uses in the next version of their ROM. They do look a little different and a little less HD and more plain to me. I don’t know if it is the fact that they are MIUI 4.0 that makes me like them or not, but the way they kinda float on your screen looks really cool.

Before you ask, I have no idea what that clock is, but I like it too. Anyone out there know what it is?

All the usual’s apply. Point your browser to the original locations HERE, download the pack and move it to your MIUI/Theme folder. Open up the Theme application and select ‘customize’ located at the bottom. Choose ‘icons’ and locate and apply the MIUI 4.0 pack. All set, enjoy!

Via MIUIslovenia

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