moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe case market for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is becoming a very crowded place and to stand out, a case has to either be very innovative or have itself an impressive set of features. Moshi‘s Overture Case for the Galaxy S4 is entering this competitive space touting its motto of appearing understated yet refined, so let’s see how it gets on.

The overview

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe Overture is a folio style case and incorporates moshi’s standard style of understatedness and elegance. Th exterior of the case looks simple and uncompromising, the front only adorned with a moshi-branded metal rectangle, and the rear of the case only featuring the holes left for the camera and the flash.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe inside of the case, however, has a lot more going on. The inside of the front cover gives you 4 card slots as well as an additional pocket behind this section for notes and the like. Also on the inside of the front cover is something that moshi calls its Neato screen cleaner. This patch of microfiber has a adhesive backing which allows it to be stuck on the inside of the case when not in use and sticks to your fingers while you use it to clean your screen. Moshi says that the Neato can be washed and air-dried when it becomes dirty or loses its adhesiveness, which should restore its original properties.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe inside of the case is made from Tetrahedron microfibre, which is not unlike suede in its texture. It definitely gives the case a bit more of a premium feel, though there’s very little of this visible when the phone is in the case. The card holder section appears to be made of a leather-like material and the stitching looks strong enough to withstand the rigors of wallet-like use.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewLike many of moshi’s cases, the actual case frame that holds the Galaxy S4 is a little loose as it only holds your phone in place at the corners (as opposed to also locking in the buttons). What this does allow, however, is for more space to be available when pressing buttons and getting at access points.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewOn the rear of the case, a very generous recess is left for both the camera and the flash to work unimpeded. The crease on the back cover mean that the Overture can be used as a stand to let you use your Galaxy S4 in landscape mode for watching videos or games, which is some nice extra functionality.

The toughness

The Overture isn’t designed to be a particularly protective case, but then again most folio cases aren’t. Closed up, the case will most likely be able to protect your phone against most day-to-day wear, however the omission of a clip to keep the front cover in place means that if dropped, there is a risk the case will open up and expose the front of your case to damage.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe material of the case itself seems appropriately tough though: the standard polycarbonate frame keeps your Galaxy S4 snugly in place while the inside of the case is nicely lined with Terahedron microfiber. The outside of case is a combination of the same Terahedron microfiber combined with synthetic fabric which looks durable enough for most use-cases though I’m a bit worried what a bit of water or moisture would do to the case, though moshi says that the outside of the case can be cleaned with leather cleaning products so it’s likely the material mimics leather in these instances.

The practicality

As a folio case, the Overture is adequate. It’s not particularly protective and the omission of a clip to keep the front cover in place definitely decreases its stock in this area. Having said that, if you use your phone in generally low-risk situations, this will definitely be less of a concern for you; it just comes down to what you expect from your case. The case also doubles as a stand, however, I found the case to be a little too stiff and the phone a little too light for this function to be a selling point.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewFrom an aesthetics perspective, the Overture case is definitely a looker, particularly if you get it in orange. It doesn’t look loaded with features, but it maintains a slim profile and looks great in any setting, professional or casual. The addition of cards slots and the additional pocket under this also makes the Overture incredibly functional and appropriate as a wallet replacement.

moshi overture case for galaxy s4 reviewThe inclusion of the Neato screen cleaner is a nice, innovative touch and is a really novel way of keeping a screen cleaner with the case without taking up space and making sure it is secure while travelling. I do wonder what the life of the Neato is, however, as even cleaning it repeatedly won’t stop it wearing out eventually. Even if this eventuality does occur, the case itself will remain and it still performs admirably by itself.

The verdict

Rating: 4/5

The moshi Overture case for Galaxy S4 isn’t the most protective folio case on the market, but what it does have is bundles of functionality, both as a case to keep your phone pristine and as a wallet replacement. Priced at RRP $59.99 AUD (or MSRP $44.95 USD), the Overture isn’t prohibitively priced nor is it particularly cheap, but the style credentials of the Overture case are clear and if you appreciate what the Overture case is able to do for you, you won’t be disappointed.

For more details about the moshi Overture case for Galaxy S4, or any of moshi’s other Android products, visit their website at the links below:

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