The S-View folio case has had less emphasis in Samsung’s marketing of late, however that doesn’t mean it’s not an incredibly useful thing to have around. The fact that it allows for interaction with a small part of the screen for menial tasks means you save battery life and is generally quite convenient. The only problem is that the S-View case is usually not included with the purchase of a Samsung device, and it tends to be a little overpriced. Accessory maker, Moshi, wants to be your second option as it has its own S-View product, the Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 – and we’ve been checking it out.


What’s in the box

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewInside the minimal white box you’ll find the Sensecover case itself and a statement of lifetime warranty from Moshi – not a bad start. This isn’t the first Sensecover that we’ve had a look at: we also had a look at the version for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and this one for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is much of the same, though with a few new tricks.

The Sensecover is made from two main materials – what Moshi calls a “leatherette” covering and an inner shell that is most probably polycarbonate. What this makes for is a very hard inner case covered with a soft, cloth-like exterior that is durable and doesn’t look out of place anywhere. In case you haven’t heard of Moshi before, this is what they excel at – unassuming, elegant accessories that compliment your device, rather than overpower it.

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewThere are two coloured versions of the Sensecover for you to choose from: we’ve got the Steel Black version which gives off a distinct gunmetal vibe, and there is also a Rose Pink version, for those who are so inclined.


How does it perform

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAs far as case formats go, the folio case can be considered pretty protective as it inherently has protection for your screen, but the Sensecover gives you additional insurance by adding a sizeable lip around the edge of the inner shell to protect your screen in case you do manage to drop it that way.

Despite all this protection, the Sensecover is actually extremely light – that’s thanks mostly to the nature of polycarbonate, but in general the materials are just lightweight. This is really what you want in a case so that it doesn’t change too much how your phone feels. In terms of accessibility, you will have ample space to access all ports of the device, and all buttons are covered by the sides of the inner shell.

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewUnfortunately, as I only have a Galaxy S6 dummy, I can’t test the functionality of the S-View itself, but I’ve got no reason to believe it shouldn’t and the plastic appears to be quite durable too.

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAs an added bonus, the front cover of the Sensecover can be folded back, allowing your Galaxy S6 to sit at a tilted angle, which is useful for those of you who watch lots of videos on your phone. It should be noted that there’s not really a stopping mechanism for what angle the case sits at, so you’ll be fiddling with it to try and sit at the angle that you really want, but it’s a handy feature nonetheless.


What I like about the Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6

I’m a big fan of how the Sensecover looks – it has the benefit of looking like a normal folio case, but on closer inspection you can see that it has bits of flair that really make it a quality accessory. The “leatherette” material is particularly good as it is one of the most interesting materials I have seen on any case as it combines durability and style.

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAnother little thing that I really like is the Moshi-branded magnet buckle on the side of the case. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s elegant and gives some class to the case.


What I don’t like about the Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAt $44.99 USD, the Sensecover is marginally cheaper than the official Galaxy S6 S-view flip cover, which retails for $49.99 USD. While I like the build and feel for the Sensecover, its price point makes it a direct premium competitor to the S-View as opposed to a cheap alternative. It’s a bit of a bummer to me as the Sensecover is very good, but I feel that its price proximity to the S-View could bode ill – you can always prove me wrong though.


Final Thoughts

Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewThe Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 upholds Moshi’s standards for an elegant and minimalist accessory and is a solid alternative to the official Samsung S-View flip cover.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Sensecover, you can visit its product page on the Moshi website here. We’ve also provided Amazon links below to the products if you feel inclined.


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Moshi Sensecover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: elegance and minimalism meet the Galaxy S6
Build Quality90%
Value for Money60%
The good
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Elegant appearance
The bad
  • Still quite expensive
81%Overall Score
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