moshi versapouch mini reviewSome of you may have read my review of the moshi VersaCover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 where I couldn’t stop singing its praises, going as far to say that if moshi ever made an origami case for the Nexus 7 that I would be all over (you can read that full review here). Well, that wait is now over, in a manner of speaking; the case is called the moshi VersaPouch Mini and it’s a case technically for the iPad Mini. How dare I, you say? Well thankfully, for the VersaPouch Mini, moshi has opted for a more generic pouch accessory instead of a bespoke case for the iPad Mini, meaning that the case can be used for Android devices that have a screen-size of 7 to 8-inches. Let’s check it out!

The overview

moshi versapouch mini reviewAs we said in the introduction, the VersaPouch Mini is intuitively named as a pouch for use with an iPad Mini, however, owing to the fact that it is just a pouch, we can quite conveniently also use it with our Android tablets. For this review, I used my personal Nexus 7 and found it to be completely useable, but you’ll be able to use the VersaPouch with pretty well any 7-inch tablets and 8-inch tablets that come in at under 5.3-inches wide, which is the width of an iPad Mini.

moshi versapouch mini reviewAs with the VersaCover in our previous review, the material used for the VersaPouch is a soft microfiber that almost feels leathery to touch and manuipulate. Also like the VersaCover, you will notice the plates that lie within the VersaPouch’s surface which signify the existence of magnetic plates. If you didn’t manage to catch a look at the VersaCover’s review, then you’ll be interested to know that the VersaPouch has a party trick that makes it more than just a pouch.

moshi versapouch mini reviewAs you can see, the magnetic plates allow the VersaPouch to fold into a stand and the magnets ensure that it remains in that position till you’re finished using it. Unlike the VersaCover, however, there is only one way to use the VersaPouch and that is as pictured; most of the panels in the VersaPouch are in fact not magnetic. Even so, being able to fold up your pouch into a stand is already an incredibly useful feat and can prop your tablet up in portrait or landscape mode comfortably.

moshi versapouch mini reviewOnce your tablet is in the pouch, it is secured inside by the magnetic strips at the mouth of the pouch which close it off. The magnetic strips double as a means of holding the pouch in its stand position and also stopping the tablet from sliding down. The end result is a pouch that looks quite trendy, if not slightly futuristic, with its oddly geometrical panels and intriguing material.

moshi versapouch mini review

The toughness

moshi versapouch mini reviewWhile the microfiber that the VersaPouch sounds cloth like, the reality could not be more different; the material is definitely closer to a rubbery, leathery texture and as a result is quite durable and would merely need a wipe down with a cloth if it ever got dirty. Just about the only weak point on the whole VersaPouch is the seamed edge along one side and the bottom edge; if there were anywhere that I could forsee wear happening, it would be at this seam, but that’s definitely a very long term consideration.

moshi versapouch mini reviewAs for actual physical protection of your tablet, the VersaPouch doesn’t have much in the way of damage mitigation. It will do well enough in the office and home setting in keeping your devices clean and generally protected, but beyond that, it’s definitely more than a small risk of damage.

The practicality

moshi versapouch mini reviewAfter playing with the VersaPouch for the period of this review, I had almost forgotten it was just a pouch. And when you think about exactly how many tablet pouches you can think of that do more than just be a pouch, you definitely begin to see the value of the VersaPouch and its handy stand functionality.

moshi versapouch mini reviewAs a pouch, the VersaPouch ticks all the boxes; it provides minimal protection to your tablet and serves as an effective place of storage. As a stand, again, it provides the minimal level of functionality which is one angle of viewing in both portrait and landscape mode. Put these together though, and you have a very unique pouch that makes other pouches look inadequate. Oh, and did I mention it looks trendy?

The verdict

Rating: 5/5

moshi versapouch mini reviewIt’s hard to fault the moshi VersaPouch Mini; if anything, I’d have to say its only fault is having “compatible with iPad Mini” on the box, but that would just be crass. For a pouch that also functions as a stand, it definitely raises the bar for what’s expected from a pouch and the fact that it can be used cross-platform for a multitude of tablets is a win for everyone. And at a MSRP of $30, I wouldn’t say it’s likely to break the bank either; if you have a 7 or 8-inch tablet and want a pouch, I think you’ll have a hard job denying that the moshi VersaPouch Mini is one of your best options on the market.

For more information about the moshi VersaPouch Mini, you can visit its product page here, or for more information about moshi’s other products, you can visit their homepage here (though it looks like it’s currently undergoing renovations). As a bonus, it looks like moshi is also offering free shipping within the continental US, with no minimum spend.

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