I have a soft spot for walking armored robots that shoot each other. I don’t quite know what it is, but ever since the original Mech Warrior I’ve been hooked on the genre. So when I came across Destroy Gunners I got pretty excited.

The game is freaking awesome. It’s full 3D, the controls aren’t designed to make the game easy, and the levels are actually quite difficult. Since I’ve only played the demo I can’t speak for the story line but since there are several versions, I’m assuming each with its own story, Shade Inc. has probably put a lot of work into the story. The fact that the controls are not designed to make the game easy doesn’t mean it’s hard to control. It means the game takes skill to master. Finally a game where the controls aren’t gimmicky! They take just the right amount of intuition to get the job done.

The Mechs are customizable with components that you pickup on missions. The components range from damage reducing shields to new cool weapons or upgraded versions of weapons you already had. I imagine that you’ll even get new Mechs as the game goes on but as I’m playing the free version and there are only three missions I don’t know. One nice thing is it’s not A’ la Carte so once you purchase the full version there’ll be no more nagging you to buy more stuff.

There is one thing that I don’t particularly like though. The description in the market is rather cryptic. Proclaiming the game exposes problems in high-end devices blah, blah, blah. This kind of description might be a turn off to users who would have otherwise installed and tried the game. Maybe the dev just needs a good English translator to check the Japanese to English for them cause I don’t think what they are trying to say is coming through in the current translation. Another improvement that might be cool (possibly too hard to master) is having the look around control use the G-sensor. Other than that this is a really solid game that will push the limits of what your device can do. It’ll probably be the most fun on a tablet or a larger high-end phone.


Click or Scan the QR code below to download from the Android Market

Application: Destroy Gunners SP
Developer: SHADE Inc.
Cost: FREE/$4.99 for Full Version

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