There haven’t been many high profile device recalls in the last couple of years but it appears there is going to need to be a NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet recall after NVIDIA identified a risk that the battery could overheat and pose of fire hazard.

It’s obviously a bit of a set back, not only for NVIDIA but for the image of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, which is actually a fantastic device, with a processor (Tegra K1) specifically designed for gaming and impressive battery life. Despite the fact that not every device is likely affected, NVIDIA is doing the right thing by its customers and asking that they check if their device is one of the ones in question – if you do have a device, you can follow the instructions here to see if you have been affected by the recall.

What do you think about the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet recall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: NVIDIA via Mashable

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