Yesterday NVIDIA announced NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Essentially it is the re-branding of the streaming game service that was dubbed NVIDIA GRID. The GeForce NOW service is the same thing, you pay $7.99 a month to access more than 50 games that stream to your TV to play. You can also opt to buy many titles outright and stream them too. Today NVIDIA has announced something the lucky users of Google Fiber might enjoy.

Today, NVIDIA is teaming up with Google Fiber to make sure you can put that 1Gig connection to use. If you happen to live near one of the Google Fiber Spaces, you can swing in today and check out game streaming over Google Fiber, watch some demos, and possibly win some prizes too. If you are in  Provo, Utah, Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, or Austin, Texas then you have a special offer available on the NVIDIA SHIELD as a Google Fiber customer, or would be customer. They are knocking 10% of the SHIELD, making it $180 instead of $199.99.


You will have to wait for your promo code to arrive in an email though, but hey, $20 is $20. Anyone in a Fiber location heading out to a Google Fiber Space to take a look today? Let us know what you think if you do. Don’t wait though, they will only be at the Google Fiber Spaces today, October 1st.

Source: NVIDIA

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