The NVIDIA SHIELD Portable is a nifty little gaming system you can take practically anywhere, and it has now been given the update to Android 5.1. Of course if you don’t want the update, you have the option not to update it. They actually give you that option. Begs the question: why wouldn’t you want to update it? Of course everyone will want to update it because of the luscious goodies it has.

Chromecast support is the big prize you will receive with the Android 5.1 update.  It removes Miracast since it is not needed, and also gives an update to Twitch. The update also includes the removal of Sonic 4: Episode II, Expendable: Rearmed, and that Android browser that is pretty out-dated.

So let us know if you got the Android 5.1 update to your NVIDIA SHIELD Portable, and how great it is.

Source: NVIDIA

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