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There are lots of gadgets that turn one device into something else, from set-top boxes that turn our big screen TV into an Android console and IR Adapters that turn your android smartphone into a full media center remote control.  The latest trend is to turn your audio devices such as home entertainment systems and wired headphones into wireless devices.  If you’re an outdoor person, you’ll understand the benefits of not having your headphones directly wired into your phone when you’re walking or running.

Outdoor Technology released the ADAPT last year and we got our hands on one of these tiny Bluetooth devices that add Bluetooth functionality to any device with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

If you want to remove the need for wires from your headphones, this is the device for you.


Outdoor Technology Adapt With Phone


The front of the Outdoor Technology ADAPT features a large icon of what can only be descried as a caveman or Sasquatch  and I’m still not sure what this symbolizes.  The center of the front is a button that presses and controls your power, pairing and answering of phone calls.  Around the edges of this symbol you’ll find basic controls for forward and reverse control, and volume up and down.

Inside the box you’ll find the ADAPT and connectors you need to instantly hook up your system.


Outdoor Technology Adapt Contents


The Outdoor Technology ADAPT is powered by a lithium-Polymer batter which you charge using the included Micro-USB cable. The power end of this cable has a custom tip that plugs into the side of the Outdoor Technology Adapt.  This is one design feature I didn’t like.  I realize they placed a tiny tip on the end for charging so they could save space in the device itself, but I’d prefer a standard USB connector so you’re not tied into a custom cable.  The device is rated for 5 to 6 hours of usage with a single charge.


Outdoor Technology Adapt Left Outdoor Technology Adapt Right Outdoor Technology Adapt Back

On the top edge of the Outdoor Technology ADAPT is the 3.5 mm audio connector.  Plug in your old school wired headset or an audio cable hooked up to your home stereo and the Bluetooth 2.1 enabled device will stream your music and phones calls to the attached device.

Overall the ADAPT was very easy to setup and use, charging was quick and phone calls seemed to work well so this device gets a 4 out of 5 from me.  It would have received a higher score if used a standard USB cable and a later release of Bluetooth, but it works well, sounds great and I would recommend one of these devices if you want to turn your old wired equipment into wireless Bluetooth devices.

The Outdoor Technology ADAPT does only features Bluetooth 2.1, so it’s not going to give you the Hi Fidelity of more modern device, but then again it does only cost $40.

The Outdoor Technology ADAPT is available in three standard colors; Black, Blue and Pink. You can see them in the top image in the article.

You can find more information on the Outdoor Technology Website.

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