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Having your phone stolen is awful. You certainly won’t want anyone stealing your beautiful, new Nexus 5, when it releases. Having your wallet stolen is even worse. The contents in it are personal, and the hassle of cancelling and reordering your credit cards, obtaining a new driver’s license, and keeping a paranoid eye on your bank account is stressful. Even more terrifying, information can be stolen from you without your card ever leaving your pocket, unless you have a wallet that boasts RFID protection. Now, imagine a wallet that won’t allow itself to be stolen, and does you a favor by keeping an eye on your phone, as well. Ping Wallet is promising all that and more.

Ping* Wallet

The Ping Wallet boats a thin anodized aluminum plate and two elastic bands that hold up to ten cards and a significant amount of cash. RFID protection, a small speaker, and a battery that lasts up to two years are built in. A companion app (for both Android and iOS) is included. Ping will remind you if you’ve taken out a card and haven’t put it back in. Should you open a tab at a bar, you can set Ping to remind you after a certain amount of time to collect your card back from the bartender. Your phone will alert you, should your wallet wander too far from your side, and vice versa; that handy little speaker spits out a shrieking alarm when your phone strays.  A proximity search is built into the application, so that your wallet can be easily recovered.

Ping will come in a variety of different colors for both the aluminum face and the elastic. On their Kickstarter, you can pledge $49 for the basic gray, $59 for the black, or $65 to choose your own custom combination of colors. Ping is fully pledged at this point, with almost $9,000 over their initial $30,000 goal. However, the team has promised an aluminum back cover for the wallet should they reach $45,000. They’ve got 4 days to go and aren’t far from it, so now would be the time to jump on and support them. The design is sleek and simple, and the features are lifesavers. I’d have no doubts on putting down some cash, and will probably do so, should that back plate be added. Is Ping something that you’re interested in? What are some of the shortcomings that you’d like to see addressed? Are there any additional features that you’d like?

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