At Google’s October event yesterday, we saw a lot of new products announced. One of these new products is the Pixelbook. This laptop/tablet hybrid is a new version of the Chromebook which implements elements of the Pixel tablets. Fitting in well with Google’s overall design style and including premium specs including the Google Assistant and a 10-hour battery with USB-C, at a $999 price tag the new Pixelbook seems more than reasonable.

About the Pixelbook

The Pixelbook is a 4-in-1 hybrid, acting as a laptop, tablet, and stand either way. The tablet element makes it perfect for the device to work with Play Store apps which are now found on ChromeOS. Google has partnered with Wacom to provide the Pixelbook Pen. This is a stylus with the Google Assistant built-in; it has 60 degrees of angular awareness, 10 milliseconds of latency, and over two thousand levels of pressure sensitivity- a major step-up in specs from the Apple Pencil.

Measuring 10mm thick, the Pixelbook weighs in at a mere 1 kilogram, this means that the Pixelbook can be carried around easily without becoming a hassle or being too heavy to practically carry around; this makes the new device the perfect size and weight for those who will be taking the device to school or to work.

The 12.3″ QHD LCD display is a little bit smaller than most modern laptops which usually have a screen size of 13″, but it still a good size, especially when being used as a tablet. The Google Assistant finally has been introduced to ChromeOS. Not only is there voice recognition, but there is a dedicated Assistant key on the keyboard to bring the Google Assistant on the screen (like holding down the home button) and not activating voice recognition. The Pixelbook Pen also acts as a trigger for the Assistant, working in a similar way to On-Screen Recognition, but with only particular parts selected with the Pen.

Another useful feature that was announced by Google, is Smart Tether. If there is no suitable WiFi network available, your Pixelbook will automatically connect to your Pixel 2 smartphone in order to make an internet connection via a hotspot.

The Pixelbook with the Pen is available for pre-order today in the US, Canada, and the UK on the Google Store. Google’s trailer for the new device can be found below.

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  1. FILA

    I would love that new Pixelbook and Id be all for it, but I need to run like 2 windows only programs that do not have ChromeOS versions. $1000 and still need to resort back to a windows computer wouldnt work. This thing is damn sexy thou


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