Privacy is a new online platform which allows you to create temporary virtual cards that take money from your real credit or debit card, in order to pay for something online. The cards are not linked to your real card, only to your Privacy account where you can monitor your virtual cards and set limits on how much can be spent on each card. Privacy is only available in the US at the moment.

How Privacy Works

Privacy works by creating an online virtual card number with an expiry date and CVC number. This allows the card to be used for transactions online. The virtual cards are linked to your Privacy account which is set up on the Privacy website. Your Privacy account is the platform you will use to set up your virtual card.


When you set up your virtual card, you can set parameters for the card. For example, you can choose a certain type of card to use if the online store is dependent on this. In addition, you can set limits for the card such as how much the card can spend in total and in one transaction. Depending on the card you choose to set up, the card can be set to be deleted after its first and only use so it cannot be used again or stolen by anyone, or the card can remain in your account for use again.

By using Privacy, you are creating a virtual card for you to use in your online transactions in place of your real card. This means that you are keeping your real card details safe, so there is no chance of them being leaked in a breach or sold off by any dodgy sites you use. By keeping your card safe, you are preventing yourself from becoming a victim of fraud and losing possibly large amounts of money.

Using Privacy also means you don’t need to find your real card every time you need to enter it online, you can just copy and paste the virtual card details from your Privacy account.

Is Privacy Secure?

It’s all well and good not entering your real card details on every site you purchase from, but how do you know the one website you are entering your details in is secure? Well, you can put all these bad thoughts to rest because Privacy is more than safe!

Privacy is PCI-DDS compliant and has been proven to use the same rigorous security standards that are used by all major global banks. Your password when making your account is hashed with PBKDF2 and 100k iterations to make sure they cannot be read. All information is encrypted using split-key encryption, so information cannot be decrypted without each key. The keys are never stored together.

Finally, data is never sent in plaintext by Privacy. All web traffic is sent over Transport Layer Security (TLS) HSTS for privacy and security.

Do We Recommend Privacy?

In our experience from using Privacy over a period of time, we definitely recommend the platform. Not only does the site work well every time and looks great, the virtual cards have proven to be useful. In our experience, the Privacy platform is always very quick, and we have found no issues at all.

You can sign up for Privacy today via the button below. The button below will take you to the Privacy homepage where you can sign up.

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