Last time I reviewed one of zBoost’s products, I mentioned how the SOHO Xtreme improved my signal vastly, up to 5,500 feet. However, what if you’re on the go? What if you’re driving and you need to make some important calls? (Although we don’t recommend you use your cell phone while driving) There are times when you need to make calls while in motion though, such as emergencies. If you don’t have a good signal and you’re stuck in an emergency, and SOS won’t respond, then you’re as good as..worthless?

Thankfully, zBoost is back to save us again, and if you guys need a good cell phone signal booster, then the zBoost zForce YX240 is good for you. It’s not as pricey as the zBoost SOHO Xtreme which costs around the $500 range, as this comes in at a cool $149.99 MSRP with the Gooseneck adapter, or $99 MSRP without it.


The Good


-Product is extremely easy to install-took me around a minute or two.

-The zBoost zForce actually works, and improved my signal in my car from 1 bar to 3 bars. I was having a very nice time making test phone calls, and all the recipients who were on the other line told me that I was very clear and thought that I was on a landline.

-The zBoost zForce works on almost any phone, as it even (barely) fit snugly with my Galaxy Nexus’ 4.65 inch screen with a case attached onto it-good part on zBoost’s part on making this thing compatible with a cross selection of devices.

-The zBoost zForce comes with a wide array of adapters-a cigarette adapter, as well as a micro-USB adapter.

-Being able to pick up the booster for under $100 bucks without the additional gooseneck makes it a good price for a product that works well.


The Bad


-In my testing, my signal was only improved when the Phone was inside the cradle-as soon as you take it out, the signal goes away and weakens. Meaning that this won’t work well if you make calls with your ear-which you shouldn’t be doing anyways while driving. You’ll need to purchase some sort of Bluetooth hands-free handset to go along with it.


-The additional Gooseneck adapter is a nice addition, but not necessary to use the product. If you are the type that likes all the bells and whistles for your accessories, you can’t go wrong spending the extra cash.

Overall, in my opinion, the Good overweighs the Bad, which means that this product is worthwhile for those of you who absolutely NEED to make phone calls while driving. Combine this with a great Bluetooth headset or if you are lucky enough to have that built into your car already, you are good to go. Additionally, you could use your the speaker phone or your favorite standard earbuds plugged into your phone. It should clear up those calls and even keep you from dropping them in the same spot over and over again.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the zBoost zForce, you can find the official webpage here.

Purchase from Amazon – Wireless Extenders YX240 zBoost zForce Cellular Signal Booster for Automobiles with Gooseneck Power Adapter – Retail Packaging – Black


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