Amon Ra has just released a new custom recovery specifically for PS3 owners that want to run PSFreedom using their rooted Android device.

This is certainly a must-have for PS3 users. I stumbled upon this recovery update soon after realizing how tedious and repetitive the original process of jailbreaking the PS3 can be.

Previously, enabling PSFreedom by flashing zip files took away some needed features from Android devices including loss of USB functionality. Thankfully, AmonRa’s recovery saves you a lot more time than before. Instead of backing up, flashing, and restoring all the time you can now just use a menu option via the recovery to enable or disable PSFreedom mode. Just too easy!

I have already tested this with my G1 and it works like a charm! All features of the recovery are supported (including ABD and Mass storage toggle).

Three separate recovery images have been released:

  1. HTC N1 by Amon_RA – Features RA Recovery v1.7.0.1 as base.
  2. HTC Dream / Sapphire 32B by Amon_RA – Features RA Recovery v1.7.0.1 as base.
  3. HTC Desire by Klutsh – Features ClockworkMod v2.5.0.9 as base.

All you need to do is to:

  • Download your recovery of choice
  • Flash the new recovery to your rooted device
  • Boot to recovery mode
  • Select the new PSFreedom menu option and select a payload to use.

Each recovery image comes with the following payloads:

  • Blu-Ray emulation: includes backup playback support.
  • Homebrew only: No Blu-Ray Disc emulation i.e. no backup support.
  • Homebrew only with peek/poke: No BD emulation, but adds peek & poke sys calls for certain homebrew. Peek/poke was introduced in PSGroove a couple weeks back.
  • Blu-Ray emulation + peek/poke: BD emulation, but adds peek & poke sys calls for certain homebrew.

Instructions have been conveniently added to the recovery. Just click ‘Run PSFreedom’ from the recovery menu to jailbreak your way to PS3 freedom.


PSFreedom is currently only compatible with PS3 devices running is 3.41 firmware.

Use PSFreedom at your own risk.
We are not responsible should you damage and/or destroy your PlayStation 3 system, cell phone, or any other electronic device used in the attempt to jailbreak your console. Please use PSFreedom responsibly and as intended.

  • Do not use PSFreedom if it is illegal in your country. The PSFreedom team has not made any claim regarding the legality of the use of the software in any jurisdiction.
  • Use of PSFreedom may violate agreements you have made with Sony Computer Entertainment. Be aware that Sony Computer Entertainment may be able to detect use of PSFreedom, and may take action in accordance with these agreements.

Source: PS3-Hacks

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  1. Biglo

    Although this is kind of better. I this rather using the enabler and keeping it on all the time instead of powering off my phone every time I want to use it. (We all know how fast android phones take to boot)

    Sacrificing usb ass storage is a small price to pay.


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