I-Mego THRONE Headphones Review


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If you have never heard of the I-Mego THRONE headphones, you need to get out more often. The THRONE Gold’s bold styling and deep sound clarity fulfills its’ goal of audacious, acoustic tuning geared toward big bass for rock, R & B, or hip hop.


The Packaging

When I first saw the headphones, I thought that they were just like any other pair of headphones. But when you look closer, you come to realize that these headphones are packaged to the full extent of protection. The packaging looks sleek, slim, and is presentable to give as a gift for anyone. You can just toss it in your bag and go, assured that they are protected from any damage.

I-MEGO Throne Box


The Contents

So what comes with the headphones? The headphones come with a “soft travel pouch”, ¼” stereo adapter for mobile phones, HiFi adapter (which allows you to plug your headphones into a sound table as a DJ and listen as you play), 1.2m audio cable with one-button control with mic for mobile. This allows you to pause, skip, and rewind tracks when desired.


I-MEGO Throne Contents


The Fit

The I-Mego THRONE  headphones have built in memory foam that fit comfortably around your ears allowing you to have hours of relaxation. THRONE Gold’s headphones are so lightweight that you can even forget they are on your head. Although the band itself is made of fine genuine leather, the headphones have a hard plastic shell that get scratched very easily, and in one case on mine the gold color has even chipped off.


I-MEGO Throne Headband


The Sounds

THRONE Gold’s headphones are equipped with a deep bass system provided by two high performance standard 40mm drives. These 40mm drives let you listen to songs in a way that you have never listened to them before. You can take these headphones with you wherever you go, whether it’s on a long car ride, airplane trip, or to simply put you to sleep.


The Verdict

Whether you are a big spender, or are trying to pinch the penny, THRONE Gold’s headphones are available for a reasonable price of $129.99 plus shipping and handling. A little pricey  I know, but once they’re in your hands, or on your head for that matter, you’ll never be able to put them back down.  As usual, you can always search around to see if you can find them cheaper.


You can find more information on the I-Mego


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