I want to introduce to you the “iOauto” magnetic car mount by iOmount

Normally I would rant and rave about products that do exactly as they are described by the maker. Other times I am a whistle blower of misleading information to protect the end users, which being the case I am going to tell it exactly how it is.

When I first got the mount it I thought “wow this is decently heavy for a mount”. Then I took a look at it, which didn’t surprise me. The unit was 2 pieces, just car mount and the magnet. The box did come with 2 “plastic ‘pry bars” to pull the dash of your car out a little, so that you could get it to mount correctly. My Beetle was in good shape inside before this mind you but I digress.


[Note: I don’t know about you, but I do not want to do $135 worth of damage to my car just to have a car mount. I have a TYLT mount I show cased HERE]

After manipulating my dash so that the mount would work as described in the manual, I moved on to the next step.


The next step was to place a metal disc with 3M glue on it, which the maker titles it as an “iOadapt” to my phone. Mind you I have an HTC Evo 4g LTE (Jewel) which is about a year old device, no big deal right? Well after less than 2 hours on this mount, my Evo started malfunctioning badly. I was curious as to why it would do this and my first thought was the magnetic field this mounts dock puts out. So I contacted the maker via email to ask them what testing they have done on Android devices vs. Apple. They said “their products have been viciously tested to be safe for all devices”. Hmm OK interesting, so I changed devices just to trouble shoot a little. I grabbed an older Verizon Motorola Droid thinking that it was just my Evo. After 20 minutes the exact same issues started happening. So I am going to go over what the maker says and retort (mine will be in bold)

Quote from the manufacturer-

    “The iOautoâ„¢ will change your driving experience. Say goodbye to unreliable dashboard, cup holder, or vent mounts, and say hello to iOmounts: quite possibly the best car mount for cell phones, GPS units and small tablets on the market.” [Oh really? Well every mount I have ever used has NEVER done this on install]

 It is simple, secure, universal, and exactly what you’ve been searching for. [Sure is, IF I wanted to destroy my phone and car interior]


     The iOauto starts with the simple but versatile iOmounts system. Attach a razor-thin steel iOadapt to your tablet, phone, or case (you won’t even notice it’s there), and you’ll instantly be able to magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core. It works with just about everything from an iPhone to Android device to dedicated GPS units. [Not exactly correct, because if you hit a sharp corner the devices weight alone flings it right off the mount and the metal ring stays on the mount, not your phone]

[This WAS the ring attached to the Motorola Droid I mentioned earlier in this review, glad it wasn’t my Evo]

    When you’re ready to go, just give your device a tug and you’re off and running. [Yeah to find where your phone got flung to!] No cables, no hassle, just a simple magnet, infinite rotational adjustment, and a sleek modern design.

     The iOauto attaches to your dashboard via a custom, vehicle specific clip made by industry leader ProClip. The clip snaps to your dashboard in just a few seconds [Yeah and don’t forgot scrapes and gouges it too] with no drilling, glue [There was a glue strip on the back of the mount!], or auto-know-how required. It puts your device in arms reach at exactly the right angle without any damage to your dashboard. [That’s correct it was “at arm’s length” in the passenger’s seat!]


     The iOauto gives your device complete 360-degree rotation.[Not true, last I checked 360 was all the way around, you maybe are lucky to get 160-degree, unless you mean spin my phone in a circle and then you would be correct]

     The iOauto Pro offers additional side-to-side rotation for both the driver and passenger. They both ship with two iOadapts for use with more than one phone or tablet. [Again, not correct, if you look below, this mount is only set for the driver and out of safe distance]


[Last I checked, it was unsafe to expect someone to reach across the cockpit of their car, stopped or moving I could be wrong but I doubt it]

So there you have it, my brutally honest review of this car mount. For $67 I would have thought more would have came with it, but that is not the case at all. But here are the stats anyways.

“What’s in the box” you ask?
2 iOadapt’s to share with another,
2 iOmount decals,
Instruction manual,
Car mount adjuster’s (at least in my package)

Contact them to get your custom mount at iOmount starting at only $64.99 really?! (Year, make and model of car dependent)

Everyone who knows of me. Knows me as a whistle blower, someone who calls it like it is. I refuse to lie to you guys and make a product look good, just to make the creators happy.


In my opinion, I would hang on to my money and get something cheaper and less likely to hardware brick your devices. Just saying. But if you are an iPhone user, maybe you will have better luck.

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  1. KevinO

    This review is about as useless as you say the product is. Where are the details. What exactly does “started malfunctioning badly” mean? I would have been curious about how the magnet affected the internal compass on the phone. Simply downloading a compass app and testing it on and off the mount would have been very informative. Also would want to know if the NFC still worked with that big metal ring on the back. Instead you just went on and on about how the phone came off the mount. That’s bad, but something that’s probably fixable with some stronger adhesive or, in the future, having the metal disc built into a phone case. Hope all your reviews aren’t this useless.


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