moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0For accessories makers, particularly in the cases space, it’s very difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition with something innovative when there’s very little to innovate with. Sure, you can make thicker or tougher cases, but in the end that’s what your competitors end up doing too. Moshi, on the other hand, has adopted one of the most ancient crafts known to man, origami, and married it with a tablet case, resulting in something really quite intriguing, the Moshi VersaCover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.

The overview

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The VersaCover is made up of two main parts. The first is the back cover, which is a simple, clear polycarbonate affair which offers very minimal, but adequate, protection for your Tab 3. The case is quite loose fitting, though not too the point where your case will fall out, and that is because the case will only be holding onto your tablet via its four corners; this design is quite similar to Moshi’s iGlaze for the Galaxy S4 which we reviewed here. All your ports and buttons are well catered for and should have no issues being accessed. A notable inclusion to the back cover is the little metallic plate which is adorned with the case’s name. This little plate is part of the locking mechanism for the cover which uses a magnet in the front cover to clip the case shut. It’s very subtle, but effective, a characteristic that is a particular forte of Moshi’s products.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The second part of the VersaCover is of course the front cover, and this is the star of the show. The front cover is made from microfibre and has an almost suede-rubber hybrid texture. The cover feels very durable, not only for the wear and tear of daily use, but for its party trick as well. That party trick incorporates the origami we mentioned earlier and the grooves that adorn the front cover, which aren’t at all there for aesthetics. The grooves in the VersaCover’s front cover will allow you to fold it into multiple configurations which will enable you to stand your Tab 3 up either in portrait or landscape.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0Don’t be fooled by the flat sections between each of the grooves: each of those surfaces have a magnet embedded inside them which allows you to clasp them together when you of the faces meet, which is the basis of the ability of the cover to hold several different shapes. Really, there’s no right or wrong way to arrange the cover; essentially, if you fold it and your tablet happily sits in that position, then you’re in business.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0It’s devilishly smart design, moving away from the more standard tablet stand systems which either rarely work or are too cumbersome to deploy. And the fact that the case is foldable so that it can be used in both portrait and landscape with such ease is quite unique among tablet cases, particularly those cases that sacrifice the viewing angle of either the portrait or landscape view to get the viewing angle right for the other.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The toughness

The VersaCover isn’t designed to take bullets or sustain drops from the stratosphere, so if you’re looking for something that can withstand those kinds of forces, you may have to look for somewhere else,l but it does provide the minimum level of protection that you’d require from a folio-style case.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The materials of the VersaCover also look like they’d be able to withstand the rigors of daily life; the polycarbonate back cover is pretty much a staple in all hard cover mobile device covers, and although the front cover will undoubtedly be subjected to a lot of folding, the microfiber material looks like it will be up to the task.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The practicality

Tablet cases generally fall into predictable sub-groups; very protective cases provide superior protection, but usually don’t have any standing abilities, and folio cases have the standing ability (though usually only in landscape view) but lack the protection. The VersaCover falls into the folio category, but thanks to its innovative origami cover, it comes out on top, in my books at least.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The ability of the case to essentially be molded into any shape and be able to operate as a reliable stand, both in portrait and landscape mode, is invaluable, and while I wasn’t able to test this with my dummy Tab 3, as the front cover is magnetic, it should be able to be used to auto-wake your tablet when you open the case.

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0The VersaCover is also insanely light due to its minimalistic, simple design, adding barely any weight to the already light Tab 3, and is perfect for users on the move.

The verdict

moshi versacover for samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0Rating: 5/5

I would have to say that the Moshi VersaCover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is probably my favourite tablet case so far; if there was a version for the Nexus 7, I would be on it in a second. It’s a fresh, innovative take on the folio-style case formula, which in the generally unimaginative space of tablet cases, stands far and away as the most interesting, if not the best, case around.

It might not have the best protective credentials, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a case well suited for home or office use and if you use it in those places and like to have a stand for your Galaxy Tab 3, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. At a MSRP of $50 USD (or RRP of $64.99 AUD), it is definitely on the pricier side of tablet cases, but for the convenience and practicality that it provides, I think it’s well worth the price.

If you’re interested in the Moshi VersaCover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, make sure to visit the link to the Moshi product page below:

Moshi VersaCover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 product page

Or if you’re interested in Moshi’s other products, you can visit their website below:

Moshi website


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