Anyone with a mobile device should already know the name Otterbox. They are known as an innovator of protective solutions for mobile phones and tablets. they start with simple impact absorbing compression molded silicone cases and go all the way to the rugged defender series with protective inner membranes and high impact polycarbonate shells.

Samsung are dominating the smartphone market so our good friends at Otterbox sent through a complete set of cases for the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket.  We’ve been playing and testing with them for the last couple of weeks and here’s what we thought.

Who are Otterbox

Starting with something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 and built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance. Our cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle and like our customers, we’ve been there too!

The “innovative spirit” of founder and CEO Curt Richardson has promoted the development of our product lines from waterproof boxes into four lines of device-specific cases for today’s hottest technologies.

Similar to an otter’s fur, our original line of cases is waterproof. So to incorporate that element with the fun and playful disposition of the animal our CEO and his wife came up with the name OtterBox while brainstorming company names during a drive to Denver, Colo.

Otterbox Impact Series

Product Information: Click Here
List Price: $19.95

The Otterbox Impact Series is a strong safeguard for everyday use. As the most basic line, this series provides impressively tough protection in an innovative silicone skin. The durable silicone is brilliantly engineered to absorb impact, featuring inner coring to dissipate shock away from the device.

Inside the box is the silicon case and custom fix screen protector. The screen protector includes a cleaning cloth, installation instructions and an applicator to help get all those hard to remove air bubbles out from under the screen protector during installation.

The screen protector is pretty simple to install as long you make sure there are no dust specs or dirt of any kind before application. Peel off the backing and Apply from the top edge while slowly laying down the rest of the screen protector and pressing out any bubbles using the applicator.  I managed to get an perfect aligned, bubble free fit.

The screen protector is completely clear and left the screen looking like a screen protector wasn’t even installed.  This type of screen protector does tend to gather finger smudge marks, but that’s the price you pay for the crystal clear viewing experience.

The case was even easier.  as the material is incredibly flexible you simply insert one of you phone inside the case and stretch the other end over your device.

The fit and alignment of all the openings is the usual high quality we’ve come to expect from Otterbox. The only complaint I have is that small band of silicon that is left under the headphone/camera area on the front being very thin and does not completely stay in place.

Otterbox - Commuter Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Front Top


Otterbox Commuter Series

Product Information: Click Here
List Price: $34.94

Ottrerbox - Commuter Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Overview


The Otterbox Commuter Series takes protection up a level by adding a dual layer protection system, with impact absorbing silicone wrapped around the phone and an impact resistant polycarbonate exterior, this case deflects impact force away from the device.

installation was a breeze, but I did find it difficult to get the edges of the silicone to align with the polycarbonate shell.  The polycarbonate shell sits inside the form of the silicone so you almost end up with a smooth surface instead of the polycarbonate sitting on top of the silicone.  I was never able to get all the edges to completely fit so there was always a light ridge around one of the corners.

Ottrerbox - Commuter Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Bottom Corners

This is by no means a big problem but means the Commuter Series case loses a couple of points from its score.

The screen protector is the same self adhesive system that comes with the Impact series.

Another nice feature Otterbox added is the little lumps that ensure your speaker opening remains raised from the surface you place your phone on when it’s on it’s back.  Very simple but very clever really.

Ottrerbox - Commuter Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Speaker Lumps


Otterbox Defender Series

Product Information: Click Here
List Price: $49.95

Otterbox - Defender Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Overview


For the ultimate road warrior who needs that premium level of protection, the Otterbox Defender series is it. Gone is the need to install a screen protector as the case itself has one built in.  Your phone ends up completely sealed inside the casing.  This is premium level protection and your phone is protected from dust, dirt and heaviest of daily use and mishaps.

The inside portion of the case comes as a front and back section that sandwich your phone between them.  Installation is once again, pretty simple.  Remove the case from the box and split the back and front sections apart.  Insert your phone in the back part of the inner case against the padding on the inside back and then snap the front section into place.

Otterbox - Defender Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Case in bits

Once you have the inner shell installed, place the outer shell over the entire case and your done.  The outer case is designed to lock over the inner case on the front edges securely holding the outer in place.  It really was that easy.  Removing the case required a little more work as tryign to split the inner case in half proved a little tricky.  Not a bad thing and shows that once installed, your not going to have to worry about the case coming open especially if you do have any little mishaps like accidental dropping your phone.

The bezel is very deep and offers a great deal of protection on all sides of your phone.  The edges are slightly angled around your screen so your still able to drag your fingers to all the sides of your screen.

Otterbox - Defender Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Bezel Depth

Where do you put your phone it starts growing in size, inside the included holster of course.  The Defender Series comes with a very ingenious holster system than will hold your phone face in or face out.  A dual sided locking mechanism allows your phone to be clipped inside the holster with the face inwards for even better protection in any industrial environment.

The holster has a belt clip built into the back that can be rotated through almost any angle so you can attached your phone vertical or horizontal to your preference.  When removed from your belt, you can also use the belt clip system as a pseudo stand on your desk.

Otterbox - Defender Series - Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket - Desktop Stand

There are lots of choices of cases for almost any phone and Otterbox has always been one of my favorites.  If they had some color choices, I’d be even happier.

Head over to the Otterbox website for more information and to find out if your device is supported.  Don’t forget to hunt around on Amazon to find some of the best prices.

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  1. Neal

    Great review, Thanks Simon. Any advice for the budget minded Skyrocket owner? I like the otter boxes but they are the priciest on the market..

    • Neal

      Thanks SImon, I will check them out, which model of the case do both of you have. I know a while back I told you I was looking at the HTC vivid or the skyrocket, I got the skyrocket and boy does it kick some ass. LOL Take care, Miss ya.. Neal

  2. Neal

    Hey Simon, I checked out the amazon reviews of the Spigen cases and they are horrible. do you have the similar problems with holes not lining up and such?


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