Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Front on Stand

You’ve all seen the many different styles of cases available for your mobile devices and its becoming hard to test and review them as they are all so similar. Seidio has decided to up the ante with the Combo case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the Seidio Convert Case.

You’ve seen the surface, which is Seidio’s hard shell thin case for many phones and you’ve probably seen the ultra-protective Active cases with their dual layer protection.

Seidio has taken both these designs and come up with the ultimate in flexibility.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Parts

The new Convert Case series from Seidio is available for a few devices and features a surface case hard shell cover with and active outer shell that can be installed over the top of the surface providing three layers of protection for your device.

For the nights when your hanging out with your friends and don’t want the bulk of the active out shell, but instead prefer a sleeker and more pocket friendly cover for your phone, you only keep the surface shell installed. When you’re heading out to something a little more active or heading to an environment at work that warrants some more serious protection, you simply install the active out shell.

I found this combination works very well and as I’m a fan of the surface in its own right, loved the option of having it either way.

If you’re not familiar with the surface, it’s a two piece soft touch hard shell with soft interior lining that slips over your phone, one piece from the bottom and one piece from the top. The two half’s of the case meet in the middle and locking together to create a single hard shell cover. The outer finish is a perfect combination of hard shell protection but they’ve managed to give it a soft touch feel that doesn’t hold dirty finger marks and give a nice level feel and adequate level of grip in your hands.

Slide either half of the surface from the top and the bottom of your device.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Convert Open


On you click the two half’s together, you hardly notice the break between the two and the two half’s lock together securely.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Convert Closed

One difference from previous versions of the surface is the added kick stand in the back of the case. An excellent addition for a phone of this caliber, and great for watching videos or simply standing on your desk acting as a clock, etc.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Convert Standing   Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Convert Back Stand Open   Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Convert Back Stand Closed
The Active case is little more serious and features two additional layers of protection. The first layer you place over the surface layer is a soft gel cover that acts as a shock absorber and the outer layer is a hard plastic skeleton that holds everything in place on your phone. Parts of the gel layer protrude through and give the case an very solid and firm feel in your hands. This is also acts as a great anti slip system no matter which way you lay your phone down.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Front

The corners are very well protected by the hard plastic fingers wrapping around form the back and offer excellent protection against drops and bangs.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Corner

You can purchase the Seidio Active Case for the Samsung Galaxy note 2 on it’s own which makes for a slightly tighter fit, but you don’t have the choice of the Surface Case beneath it for that ultra thin protection.  See our previous review if you want to find out more.

Not that the Seidio Convert Case is much thicker as you can see in the photo below.

Seidio Convert Case Galaxy Note 2 Flat

Another great product from Seidio, and a great addition to their extensive line of cases for almost any Android device. If you haven’t checked out Seidio before, you should head over to their online store and see what’s available for you device.



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